'Our lizard overlords': Tucker Carlson mocks Israeli star's Davos performance

Fox News host flirts with the notion that World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is the gathering ground for reptilian shape-shifters that forms a cabal affecting world events

Fox News host Tucker Carlson tweeted out over the weekend a segment from his nightly political talk show where he pokes fun at an Israeli singer performing in Davos. True to scandalous form, the conservative megastar opted for a controversial headline alluding to "our lizard overlords."
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  • The yarn that our planet is secretly ruled over by reptilian shape-shifters is a conspiracy theory popularized by arch-antisemite and Holocaust denier David Icke. It is often invoked, in jest or not, in connection with the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.
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    טאקר קרלסון
    טאקר קרלסון
    Tucker Carlson
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    A Swiss Alpine town where political leaders and business titans huddle for a week of debate has become a magnet for outlandish falsehoods and is often painted as the gathering ground of a secret cabal running the world.
    The video seized upon by Carlson is from a panel at a summit held earlier this month, where musical guest Achinoam Nini—known internationally as Noa—performed to the guitar accompaniment of her longstanding collaborator Gil Dor.
    The eccentric number sees the Israeli chanteuse sing in a style inviting comparisons to both operatic roulades and bird-like vocalizations. It went viral on Twitter prior to Carlson's segment, attracting ridicule.
    Carlson's clip ends with him mocking Nini’s vocal stylings and hand gestures before bursting out in laughter and offering the comment: “Yeah, and those people run the world? They are so impressive!”
    A staunch conservative in the populist mold, Carlson is notorious for flirting with dubious conspiratorial rhetoric, including repeatedly questioning the efficacy of Covid vaccines.
    As well as one of Israel's most popular artists internationally, Nini is a left-wing activist and a frequent critic of Israeli policies.

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