Call him Harry Sussex: British prince drops family name

Royal family expert suggests that while Prince Harry's wife, Meghan, argues name change will unify their family, it's uncertain how that will happen, noting prince seems to deliberately disregard late grandfather Philip's wishes

Inbal Hananel|
Britain's Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, have changed their last names and those of their children to Sussex, as they launched their new website last week.
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For the change, Harry walked away from his family's historical name and is no longer called Harry Mountbatten-Windsor, as are other male descendants of the late Queen Elizabeth II.
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הנסיך הארי
הנסיך הארי
Prince Harry
(Photo: Reuters)
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הנסיך הארי מייגן מרקל
הנסיך הארי מייגן מרקל
Mr. and Mrs. Sussex
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The move, Harry explained, was aimed at unifying himself with Meghan and the children.
"Meghan claimed this would unite her family, although it is not clear how," said one royal expert, adding "Harry is willfully ignoring the wishes of his grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh."
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