For hostages: Noa Kirel shows off yellow ribbon outfit at People's Choice Awards

Israeli pop star walks People's Choice Awards red carpet with sizable yellow ribbon on, reminding the world of 134 hostages languishing in Hamas captivity

Bar Zaga|
In the early hours of Monday, the highly anticipated People's Choice Awards ceremony took place in California, drawing a multitude of Hollywood stars. Among the notable attendees such as Billie Eilish, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, and Tom Hiddleston, there was a significant presence from Israel – none other than 3rd place finisher in the latest Eurovision Song Contest, pop star Noa Kirel.
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Kirel is no stranger to international events, often using her appearances on red carpets to initiate conversations with her unique fashion choices (who can forget the iconic Kanye West outfit?).
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נועה קירל טקס פרסי בחירת הקהל
נועה קירל טקס פרסי בחירת הקהל
Quite the outfit
(Photo: Instagram)
However, at the People's Choice Awards, she showcased her most poignant and impactful ensemble to date: a coat adorned with a prominent yellow ribbon on the back. The purpose behind this striking garment was to raise awareness for the return of 134 Israeli hostages currently being held captive by Hamas in Gaza.
Posing proudly with the specially crafted coat, designed by Gilad Krashin, Kirel graciously shared the meaning and message behind her outfit during interviews with the media.
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נועה קירל טקס פרסי בחירת הקהל
נועה קירל טקס פרסי בחירת הקהל
Looking incredible
(Photo: AP)
Kirel's cousin, Sergeant First Class (res.) Ori Yaish, was murdered in a terrorist attack in southern Israel last Friday. "The pain and heartbreak are relentless," wrote the singer. "The tragic reality has reached me and my family as well. Reserve SFC Ori Yaish, an Israeli hero murdered in yesterday's despicable attack, was my cousin. I stand with the Yaish family, Ori will forever be remembered! May his memory be a blessing."
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