See raging water run through coastal city

Water gushes furiously carrying cars and property in its wake comes as unseasonal rain pours down on Netanya; experts forecast extraordinary flooding this fall, amid rise in sea temperature

River floods Netanya
After a bout of unseasonal rain fell on the coastal city of Netanya on Tuesday, A river of flood waters gushed across the city taking cars with it as it made its way westward, toward the sea.
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The municipality said it had closed off some of the drainage canals over the summer to prevent the sea's pollution, but the unexpected deluge forced water out in different locations causing minor damage
Ynet's meteorologist Danny Roup said August rains were not uncommon and could continue to fall in the north, along the coast and in the central planes until the afternoon hours, accompanied by thunderstorms. The forecast for the rest of the week shows temperatures on the rise, he said.
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הצפה בחוף ארגמן בנתניה בעקבות הגשמים
הצפה בחוף ארגמן בנתניה בעקבות הגשמים
Flooding in Netanya
Israel could see extreme rainfall in the coming fall, Dr. Amir Givati from the Department of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University said. "This is due to unusually high temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea in July and August. When energy from a hot sea meets colder air, storms can occur which is why most weather models predict heavy rains this fall. As of October, we can expect exceptional rain storms and extensive flooding."
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