Israel sees extreme temperatures in scorching heat wave

Coastal areas experience high humidity and overcast skies while in the eastern valleys temperatures forecast to reach into the upper 40°C (up to 115° F) with the heatwave expected to last through the week

Danny Roup|
Extreme temperatures were expected on Sunday amid a heatwave engulfing the country. Coastal areas experienced high levels of humidity and the skies were covered in clouds, not uncommon at this time of year and consistent with more tropical conditions.
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In the eastern valleys, the temperatures were expected to reach 46° C (115° F) and in Eilat they were forecast to be 42° C (108° F.) for the rest of the week. Jerusalem will also suffer from extreme heat with temperatures peaking at around 36° C (97° F) at midday.
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נופשים בחוף סוסיתא בכינרת
נופשים בחוף סוסיתא בכינרת
Taking refuge from the heat in the water
(Photo: Oshri Ben-David)
A minor drop in temperature was forecast for Tuesday, but the feeling of intense heat was expected to persist with no relief coming only after a return to the season's typical weather patterns.
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