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We’re coming back
Lull we enjoyed in past two years evaporating; Israelis reverting to old, bad selves
(17:20 ,11/10/07)
‘New-clear’ Family
Of everything I have done in my life, creating a family was the most difficult, the most complicated and the most satisfying
(17:18 ,10/11/07)
We should all be healthy
Yair Lapid finds all we eat, drink, and do is potentially detrimental to our health, and decides everything in moderation is the way to go
(07:57 ,10/06/07)
In our old age
I am almost 44 years old. When my grandfather was almost 44, he was in a concentration camp
(15:04 ,09/28/07)
What’s Green on the outside and screws the Arabs
Environmental protection is boring
(14:04 ,09/21/07)
Death: A burning issue
Those who oppose cremation on religious grounds expose their own ignorance regarding Judaism
(16:01 ,09/07/07)
10 people you just want to kill
Yair Lapid has had enough of the ones who know him. Yet, he is even less patient with the ones that always tell the truth
(17:49 ,08/31/07)
It takes more than a village
Yair Lapid and friends fight the establishment in an effort to create a ranch for troubled Israeli teens. Guess what? They lose
(15:08 ,08/24/07)
Tell me something I don’t know
Snowball set into motion as Barak condemns draft dodging and Netanyahu expresses compassion toward the poor
(15:38 ,08/17/07)
Hair today, gone tomorrow
If the time come for Yair Lapid's hair to thin, then so be it. Medical science has proven that bald people are ambitious and exude sexuality
(16:13 ,08/10/07)
Incidental music
“They all came down to Montreux…smoke on the water, fire from the sky.”(Deep Purple)
(08:12 ,08/04/07)
My people
Yair Lapid wonders what is the equivalent term for 'chevre' in other cultures but, in any case, he will not abandon his
(14:12 ,07/27/07)
The year to be
There will not be a war this summer because we won’t be able to deal with it. It’s impossible to conduct a war in a place where the only thing influencing public opinion is how many soldiers will be killed
(16:43 ,07/20/07)
Summer with my son
Yair Lapid tries to do things with his son over the summer vacation. What things? Father and son things
(11:09 ,07/14/07)
Know it alls
Yair Lapid knew that the disengagement was a correct move. He also knows kissing mezuzahs is a sure way of transmitting diseases
(15:38 ,07/06/07)
The rule of the nudniks*
The people who run our lives are not politicians or generals. Nor are they the media or even Supreme Court judges. The people who really run our lives are the nudniks
(06:55 ,06/29/07)
A letter to the British academic
Yair Lapid responds to UK academics' criticism, reminding them he might pay for the removal of roadblocks and checkpoints with his life
(16:23 ,06/12/07)
A vow of silence
The Israeli press has reached record levels of sarcasm, scorn and contempt and now it’s payback time
(20:37 ,06/08/07)
Party on
Yair Lapid celebrates his partner’s - may she live a long life - 30th birthday and manages to stay sane
(12:27 ,06/02/07)
Me, myself and I
Tired of hearing of the trials and tribulations of life in Israel. Yair Lapid suggests a revolutionary theory: 'You aren’t doing anyone any favors'
(16:00 ,05/23/07)
Elections now?
What do people want from Olmert? He promised to unite the country, and he has
(21:10 ,05/17/07)
The country we don’t have
I know what you wanted to happen. I have received your emails and was also asked to sign the petition. You wanted someone to do something. You wanted that five minutes after the report on the miserable, terrible, shocking and humiliating plight of the Holocaust survivors living among us (please don’t erase what doesn’t apply. They all apply) things would start to move
(19:52 ,05/02/07)
Now is the time - Part II
Now is the time for us to stop, to test, to figure out how to start over
(16:21 ,04/26/07)
Now is the time
Now is the time for us to stop, to test, to figure out how to start over
(16:21 ,04/25/07)
One good man
Like many of those who survived the Holocaust, Yair Roth kept his story to himself. Only when he understood that he and the cancer were never to part did Roth sit down and tell his story for the first time
(22:51 ,04/15/07)
I’m dieting
Yair Lapid ponders those pre and post Passover pounds
(17:20 ,04/12/07)
Some pre-Passover thoughts
Freedom, occupation and paternal comfort: Yair Lapid ponders Pesach
(16:45 ,03/27/07)
The speech not given
We can reach for the stars. All we need to do is start walking
(16:22 ,03/21/07)
The ride home from the airport
Let's say you've spent a year in the North Pole. What will you think of Israel when you're back?
(19:02 ,03/14/07)
The story of ‘S’
No one knows the difference between those who succeed and those who do not
(23:36 ,03/06/07)
If I were a captain
If things continue as they are, it’s not entirely certain you’ll find someone who is willing to be the captain of the commando unit
(00:42 ,02/28/07)
Everybody but me
There is no such ‘everybody’ who knows something; there are people who spread rumors because it makes them feel important
(11:00 ,02/21/07)
Dad’s not coming
The real crisis is not one of leadership but one of ideas
(11:25 ,02/13/07)
Winning isn’t everything
Have you ever tried arguing with a woman? Well, prepare to lose
(13:04 ,02/07/07)
Send Blondi a stone
Yossi Tzur lost his son in a terror attack and found a unique way to perpetuate his legacy
(23:51 ,01/29/07)
Yes, minister
Yair Lapid provides rare glance into an Israeli government office
(15:15 ,01/24/07)
The interview I turned down
Yair Lapid, an accomplished journalist, explains why he hates his profession
(17:53 ,01/17/07)
Happy 75th birthday dad
Living by rules of his frightened generation, my dad would have died twice at least, but he's alive (and pretty much kicking)
(18:34 ,01/09/07)
A lot to fix from 2006
If this place is important to us, we need to find the way to rise anew in 2007
(23:30 ,01/02/07)
5 comments on Syria
Olmert's most important mission is to negotiate with our northern neighbor
(22:37 ,12/26/06)
Something’s wrong with us
Some experts expect us to work out, brush our teeth, and eat healthy. Trust me, it's b-s
(17:01 ,12/20/06)
Is there not a shred of decency left?
In a nation controlled by opinion polls, Yair Lapid calls for some decent criticism
(22:29 ,12/12/06)
My first anti-Semite
What to do if confronted by an anti-Semite? Yair Lapid finds that beating them at their own game is much more fun
(18:39 ,12/05/06)
10 degrees of hysteria
From Israeli soccer to Iran's nuclear threat
(00:48 ,11/28/06)
Palestinian child's blog
It's not easy being a skateboarder. It's even harder when you're living in Beit Hanoun
(00:29 ,11/22/06)
A visit from the state comptroller
An imaginary (or not?) conversation with the comptroller
(13:46 ,11/16/06)
When you're 21
There is nothing wrong with individualism. It just doesn't mean that you have to travel to India when you're 21
(03:52 ,10/30/06)
6 comments on election method
Some Israelis want presidential regime. Well, they better think again
(17:17 ,10/23/06)
Things we couldn't say during disengagement
All of us learned a lesson here. Public in general learned that we need to make peace arrangements, settlers learned that their power is limited
(15:27 ,10/15/06)
And you chose life
We'll all die one day; question is how we live our life until that moment arrives
(15:15 ,10/08/06)
Forgive us our transgressions
Unlike we mortals, Master of us all, You understand that style IS substance
(20:07 ,10/04/06)
A speech from a frightened man
I have never harassed women, those who do so are mental. But I, too, have started to fear
(21:48 ,09/18/06)
Quiet please
Trust me, nothing will happen if we take a short break, if we hang a sign on the door ‘Do not disturb, I am resting’
(20:55 ,09/12/06)
Five stages of grieving (test yourself)
Last war was traumatic. We can only offer alternatives letting each person try figure out how close he is to acceptance
(20:20 ,09/04/06)
The media messed up
Israeli media failed in this war. No one will appoint an investigating committee to judge us, but it doesn’t change the fact that we have screwed up
(08:23 ,08/22/06)
So calm down already
Hysterical people always vacillate between depression and insanity. Please don't be hysterical. Be completely honest: How will we remember this operation?
(09:16 ,08/14/06)
Today's soldiers don't want to be heroes, they want to come home for Shabbat
There's no such thing as an Israeli soldier, there's a young boy who enlisted because he knows he has to - we're all in the same boat, so we either sink or keep going
(12:27 ,08/09/06)
We won
There is only one thing that Hizbullah does better: They are always announcing that they have won, but we can do that too
(19:47 ,08/06/06)
13 thoughts for war time
Only quiet areas right now are Judea and Samaria. Even the most extreme leftists are reconsidering: maybe it isn’t about the occupation after all
(09:28 ,07/31/06)
Why they love to hate us
Some 1,500 years of anti-Semitism have taught us that there is something about us that annoys the world
(22:12 ,07/23/06)
A day in Nahariya
I have been to Nahariya before. It was always terrifying but never so quiet. Maybe because it is easier to take risks when you understand what is happening
(10:02 ,07/17/06)
Me, myself and Maradona
Yair Lapid managed to get a ticket to the World Cup quarter-finals. Well, sort of
(19:42 ,07/09/06)
Playing by the numbers
Are Israeli kids drug addicts who inhale gas from an air conditioning unit or sniff glue to get high? Hardly. So why do statistics lie?
(17:16 ,07/03/06)
I am ashamed
If you kill enough children, enough times, you become a child killer. Yair Lapid on Ghalia family tragedy
(17:44 ,06/18/06)
Jews belong to each other
Despite everything, Jewish people remain united – even when separated by ocean
(13:31 ,05/25/06)
The (dis)honorable Sgt. Dayan
Snubbing soldier is no hero. He is a symptom of a growing phenomenon of spoiled settler brats
(15:19 ,05/18/06)
Better than we thought
There are many options open to you average Israeli. The fact that most of us choose to live here says a lot about this country
(19:33 ,05/10/06)
Convergence and other stories
On Ehud Olmert, Hollywood, and the seder night
(15:28 ,04/26/06)
Living with Palestinians impossible
We tried so hard to change Palestinians and in the end they changed us
(23:00 ,04/03/06)
Fighting for 'us'
By defining herself through contempt of others, Chava Alberstein is typically, painfully Israeli
(16:02 ,03/27/06)
The elections we didn't feel
This time around, Israelis felt they should cast emotions aside
(21:33 ,03/23/06)
Dear Yoavi
An open letter to my son on the eve of his first chance to vote
(19:02 ,03/21/06)
Bored to tears
This should be an exciting election campaign. It's the morons running for office that are putting everyone to sleep
(13:30 ,03/07/06)
Times they are a changin'
Those who fail to anticipate change are doomed to let the world pass them by
(11:45 ,03/01/06)
People like us
We never planned to turn out this way. It just happened
(18:47 ,02/23/06)
The essence of being Israeli
As usual, ordinary Israelis have figured out what the country needs faster than the leaders
(23:04 ,02/15/06)
Jerusalem: A tale of two (half) cities
Jerusalem may have 90 percent of the world's beauty, but it's all covered in dirt
(18:27 ,02/06/06)
Musings on my son
From 'dissed' to champion of the world to goalkeeper to driving around the parking lot, my boy has a lot more going for him than I did as a kid
(15:53 ,02/01/06)
How to be prime minister
Ten suggestions for Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
(22:25 ,01/16/06)
A last word on Chanukah
There may be a lot of crap here, but life in Israel is still pretty good
(20:10 ,01/02/06)
My affair with Rod Stewart
Last time I saw Rod Stewart, he was 20 years younger and he looked like an electrocuted hamster. What a difference two decades makes
(10:38 ,12/21/05)

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