Egg cracking TikTok challenge may endanger children

Expert says this is a dangerous prank that could result in head injuries and infections from Salmonella and Shigella bacteria, adding that sensible parents should not be smashing anything on their children's heads

A new problematic challenge is sweeping across TikTok under the hashtag #eggprank, amassing over 760 million views. In these videos, parents film themselves cracking raw eggs on their children's heads. It might seem amusing, but experts are warning about potential head injuries and infections.
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Typically, these TikTok videos feature a parent and their young child in the kitchen. The parent takes a whole, fresh egg, and informs the child that they are going to break it, but instead of doing so on the counter, in a pan, or in a bowl, they smash the egg on the child's head before emptying its contents into a bowl.
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אתגר שבירת ביצים
אתגר שבירת ביצים
Egg cracking TikTok challenge
(Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)
Children's reactions to this act vary widely. Many of them appear bewildered, shocked or burst into tears. In some of the videos, the child can be seen distancing themselves from the situation, while in others, they retaliate by smashing an egg back on the parent's head.
Some may view this as a form of jest, but many online viewers express concern and argue that the children depicted are either being harmed or demeaned. Moreover, cracking an egg on someone's head can result in minor head injuries, but it can also lead to bacterial contamination from salmonella and other pathogens found on eggshells.
Salmonella and Shigella are fecal bacteria, primarily responsible for severe diarrhea. In populations at risk, such as infants, the elderly, or pregnant women, these bacteria can cause severe and potentially lethal illnesses. These bacteria can often be found on the eggshells. Since this is a relatively new trend, there have been no reports of injuries yet.
ד"ר מאיר עזרא וד"ר ליאור אונגרDr. Lior UngarPhoto: Yair Sagi
"Watching these videos, I feel that reality is surpassing all imagination, and the desire for likes outweighs any common sense," says Dr. Lior Ungar, a specialist in neurosurgery and pain medicine at Sheba Medical Center. "Sensible parents should not be smashing anything, even eggs, on their children's heads. While the chances of physical injury are small, every time a large hand strikes a soft child's head, there is a risk of head injury and even emotional harm, as seen in the children's reactions. Needless to say, in my view, this is not funny at all."
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