Defense Ministry braces for 20,000 injured by end of year

Rehabilitation department aims to provide each member of the IDF or security forces wounded since the start of the war, with practical, financial and emotional support and to extend it to families as well; opens hotline for PTSD sufferers

Defense Ministry's Rehabilitation of Wounded Department is bracing for up to 20,000 additions to its patients, by the end of the year. There are more than 6,800 wounded since the war began, including 3,202 members of the military as well as police officers and members of the security forces.
Tzipi Feldman an official in the department said its members arrive to offer assistance to every one of those who were wounded, in hospital. "We meet him and begin the process. Those who are suffering from emotional wounds we get to later because they themselves don't always know what they are going through and the ramifications of war can appear years later."
Feldman said the red tape involved in their work has been cut. "Things have changed, more so since the war. It is clear. We provide for all the wounded's needs, whether its special treatments, care for the families or financial support."
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פינוי פצועים לסורוקה
פינוי פצועים לסורוקה
Wounded arrive at the Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva
(Photo: Gil Nechushtan)
There are among the wounded in the Gaza war, 71% who were in the military reserves, half of them under the age of 30, and 5%, 351 of them women. Each month 1,200 more wounded are added to the department's roster. 303 are still hospitalized, 6% of them in serious condition. 42% are suffering from injuries to their limbs. And 21% with PTSD or other emotional injuries.
"Our aim is to help those who were wounded to come as close as possible to their lives prior to the war or learn to adapt to their new condition and fulfil their potential," Friedman said.
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שיקום חיילים פצועים חרבות ברזל
שיקום חיילים פצועים חרבות ברזל
Treating a wounded soldier at the Sheba Medical Center
(Photo: Sheba PR)
"We realized since the war began, that the families of those hurt must also be helped, during their loved ones' hospitalization and through their rehabilitation. We provide a comprehensive response including emotional and financial support, so that the families would be able to concentrate on the wounded. Each wounded soldier or security force member is assigned a contact person who is available to respond to any need."
The Defense Ministry also opened a hotline for soldiers who did not receive hospital treatment but require assistance, mostly after emotional injuries. They can call *8994 24/7.

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