Unbe-weed-able: Israeli cannabis researcher scoops 3 prestigious international awards

Prof. Nirit Bernstein's research focuses on studying the cannabis plant and developing cultivation technologies aimed at producing high-quality medical cannabis for the benefit of patients

Prof. Nirit Bernstein, a senior researcher and head of the Cannabis Cultivation Research and Development Laboratory at the Volcani Institute, has been awarded three prestigious international prizes in the field of cannabis over the past year.
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Bernstein's laboratory research focuses on the physiology of the cannabis plant and the development of cultivation technologies tailored for modern medical industries. Her groundbreaking research has been highly valued in both academia and the industry, providing innovative insights used by the global cannabis industry.
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Professor Nirit Bernstein
Professor Nirit Bernstein
Professor Nirit Bernstein
Prof. Bernstein specializes in controlling the production of medicinal substances in plants through environmental manipulation and cultivation techniques under controlled conditions. Additionally, she is involved in developing agronomic techniques for plant cultivation in controlled environments with an emphasis on mineral nutrition for plants.
The first award, the International Agronomy Award" was presented by the American Society of Agronomy for her outstanding contributions and leadership in the field of agronomy, particularly for her groundbreaking research in cannabis plant science, which has significantly advanced the global cannabis industry.
The second award, the ElSohly Award for Excellence in cannabis chemistry, was presented by the American Chemical Society in recognition of her breakthrough research in controlling the chemical composition of cannabis cultivation and adapting it for modern industries. The award was presented at the American Chemical Society conference in March 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
The third award, to be presented this week in Orlando, Florida, is bestowed by the American Society for Horticultural Science for her excellence and scientific breakthroughs in the field of plant science and cannabis cultivation.
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Professor Nirit Bernstein
Professor Nirit Bernstein
Nirit Bernstein receives an award from the American Chemical Society
These awards highlight Prof. Bernstein's significant contributions to advancing cannabis research and its applications, recognizing her exceptional achievements in the field of agronomy, cannabis chemistry and horticultural science.
"I am deeply moved to stand on an international academic stage for the third time in the past year and receive a prestigious award from an esteemed international scientific society," said Prof. Bernstein.
"The global academic community's recognition, as well as the global cannabis industry's acknowledgment of the groundbreaking research conducted in my laboratory at the Volcani Institute, and their broad-reaching impact, which were the reasons for my selection to receive these awards, hold great significance for me."
"Over the past decade, our research has been focused on studying the cannabis plant and developing cultivation technologies aimed at producing high-quality medical cannabis for the benefit of patients, farmers, and the advancing medical cannabis industry. Israel leads in legislation and research regarding the cannabis plant and its medical applications, and I am delighted to contribute to our world leadership," she added.
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