Medics flock to fulfill last ask of one of their own

Magen David Adom volunteer Yarin Peled’s last wish before she fell in battle was for her colleagues to accompany her on her final journey wearing the uniforms of the organization she loved so dearly

Yarin's funeral
(Video: Magen David Adom)

Hundreds of people, including volunteers and employees of the Magen David Adom ambulance service, gathered on Sunday to accompany combat medic Sergeant Yarin Peled, 20, on her final journey. Yarin tragically lost her life on October 7 during the battle of the Nahal Oz outpost. Her mother, Tal, paid tribute to Yarin, highlighting her superhero-like abilities and dedication to saving lives.
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Yarin's family members were fortunate to be saved from the Hamas terrorist attack in Kibbutz Be'eri. Yarin herself had been considered missing for a week after the infiltration of the base by dozens of terrorists. When her body was recovered, a poignant letter was discovered in her pants. In the letter, Yarin expressed her wish for Magen David Adom volunteers to attend her funeral wearing their organization's uniform.
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סמל ירין מארי פלד
סמל ירין מארי פלד
Sergeant Yarin Peled
As a result, the military section of the cemetery in Savyon was filled with individuals dressed in the distinctive white Magen David Adom uniforms, honoring Yarin's final request and paying their respects to her courageous service.
"How does one encapsulate an entire lifetime?" her mother eulogized. "Twenty years of magic, an incredible girl with an enchanting smile and striking blue eyes. You know us well, our family, the strongest in the world. We will forge ahead, grow, stumble, shed tears and share laughter. Together, we will persist and flourish. The day after receiving the news of your fall in battle, the sun rose and I turned to Dad with a question: 'How can this be?' In that very moment, I made a solemn vow between you and me: I will find strength and take care of everyone here on Earth, while you watch over us from above.
"Do not worry, Idan is by our side, and we will always stand by him. He is an integral part of our family, and we will not let him falter. I express immense gratitude to you, for it is through you that we have encountered remarkable individuals who never abandon us, the friendships, the friends.
"The team at Magen David Adom in Ofakim—your family has instantaneously become our own. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. Rest in peace, our exquisite angel. Now, go forth and ascend like the sun, for you possess wings to soar far and wide. Mom and Dad love you more than anyone in the world and are immensely proud of you."
Idan Kishinevski, a medic at Magen David Adom and Yarin's partner, shared, "We were together for five years. She was always by my side, no matter the hour - she would be there. She was a compassionate listener, and everyone at the station admired her. She was eager to take on as many shifts as she could, even when she had limited time. She was perfect. There is simply no other word to describe her."
In his eulogy, Magen David Adom Director-General Eli Bin expressed, "Yarin, your service at Magen David Adom went beyond mere ideology or a mission. It was the way of life you wholeheartedly embraced, driven by your love for our country and everything it represents. Despite having every reason to boast about your achievements, you remained humble and down-to-earth, driven by an immense sense of pride.
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סמל ירין מארי פלד
סמל ירין מארי פלד
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"From the moment you began volunteering at the Ofakim station, we recognized the extraordinary person within you. Your compassion, sensitivity and the sparkle in your eyes, coupled with your unwavering dedication to help as much as possible, made you a remarkable and cherished volunteer. Your readiness to be there for others, regardless of the day or time, positioned you as a role model and a leader. We can only lament the loss of an exceptional paramedic and devoted caregiver."
Linoy Weisman, a friend of Yarin and her volunteer coordinator, said in her eulogy, "Yarin, how can we fathom that we will no longer see you? How can we comprehend that you are no longer among us? I had the honor of being your volunteer coordinator for a year, a year filled with both highs and lows that we experienced together. You consistently contributed and assisted everyone around you. Ofakim's Magen David Adom station was fortunate to have you as a youth volunteer, a guide and a paramedic, but above all, we were fortunate to have you as a part of our family."
"On that wretched Saturday, animals took you away from us. They plucked the most exquisite flower from the garden, with its piercing blue eyes that gazed straight into our hearts. I want to express my gratitude, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Magen David Adom station in Ofakim, for everything you meant to us. Thank you for your radiant smile and kind words. Thank you for the boundless love you spread throughout the station, and thank you for allowing us the privilege of knowing you. Our hearts are shattered into a million pieces. We vow to honor your memory and ensure that everyone recognizes the remarkable person that Yarin Peled was."
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