He was extricated from Mount Everest to join the fight against Hamas

Captain H of the Special Operations Engineering Unit began climbing Mount Everest after his discharge, but then Hamas attacked; the officer was extricated by a private helicopter to Kathmandu and from there he returned to Israel and to the war
Elisha Ben Kimon |
The reservists who live or were traveling abroad did everything to return to Israel as much as possible and join their friends in the various military units. The so-called rescue flights reached many destinations around the globe and brought the reservists home, but it is doubtful that there was a story as extraordinary as that of Captain H.
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After 7 years in the Yahalom Special Operations Engineering Unit had come for Captain H to be discharged from active service. As a gift, the unit's bought him a plane ticket to Nepal, and within a month he had already started the Everest climbing journey. But this journey was interrupted very early when, on the third day of the climb, he realized that Israel was entering in to a war.
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Captain H left Mount Everest and joined his unit less than 24 hours later
Captain H immediately started looking for flights home. He quickly realized that due to the weather conditions in Nepal the skies were closed to flights, but decided that this would not stop him.
"I realized that no matter what it costs and how much it costs, I have to return to Israel as soon as possible," he said. "I started looking for solutions like crazy, then I heard that the only aircraft that can enter the territory is a helicopter, and I had no doubt what the next step would be."
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Rescue helicopters land on the mountain
Captain H ordered a private helicopter that took him from the mountain to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and from there he took the first flight he could find. "I left the trek on Saturday at 12:20 p.m. On Monday at noon I was already in the unit in uniform. All the way back I hear about another friend and another friend who was killed. It only spurred me on to run faster and return to fight."
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