Family of dead soldier who donated his organs meets boy whose life he saved

Heartwarming meeting took place at Schneider Children's Hospital, where Raphael, 8, is recovering from liver transplant; Raphael's mother: 'Yours is the most precious gift of all'

There was not a single dry eye during the emotional meeting between the family of IDF soldier Amichai Rubin, who was killed in battle near Kibbutz Kissufim on October 7, and the family of 8-year-old Raphael Horowitz, who received a a lobe of Rubin's liver in a transplant. Held at Schneider Children's Hospital on Thursday, the gathering included Amichai's parents and siblings, as well as Raphael and his parents.
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In a heartwarming gesture, the Rubin family presented Raphael and his parents with a wooden block adorned with a picture of Amichai. Dorit, Raphael's mother embraced Batia, Amichai's mother, and gifted her a necklace featuring Amichai's picture and the inscription Mother's Hero. "This is a precious jewel for you. We received the most precious gift from you," Dorit said.
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מפגש בין רפאל למשפחת רובין
מפגש בין רפאל למשפחת רובין
Raphael is laughing again
(Photo: Schneider Spokesperson's Unit)
Raphael's mother shared a poignant sentiment during the meeting, saying, "We have another younger child at home who is celebrating his 3rd birthday today, and he has the most infectious laughter. Over the years, Raphael had lost his happiness due to the pain he endured. However, after the transplant, he suddenly began laughing again."
Yishai Rubin, the father of the late Amichai, thanked Raphael's mother. "We were deeply touched by your words about the significance of the liver and its connection to a person's good qualities. Amichai truly embodied goodness and had a heart full of compassion. It is because of the joy for life that Amichai possessed that we believe Raphael will also experience happiness and be a joyful child."

Thanks to Amichai, five people have been granted a new lease on life

Raphael had been battling severe liver disease since infancy, and his condition was deteriorating rapidly, necessitating an urgent transplant. Fortunately, the transplant was successful. Following the procedure, Raphael was transferred to the intensive care unit at Schneider Children's Hospital, where he is currently receiving further treatment and undergoing the necessary recovery process pending discharge.
Amichai displayed exceptional bravery when he was among the first to show up with his weapon when the murderous attack by Hamas terrorists began. Despite being struck by a bullet in his head, which penetrated his brain, Rubin valiantly continued to fight and selflessly rescue his comrades until he eventually collapsed. Despite the dedicated efforts of the doctors at Hadassah Medical Center he did not survive
In a remarkable act of kindness, the solcier's family made the decision to donate his organs, resulting in five individuals being granted a new lease on life. Reflecting on the transplant, the mother of the late Amichai said that, "When Amichai embarked on his mission to save lives, he couldn't have anticipated just how many lives he would ultimately save."
Dr. Michael Gurewitz, director of the Liver Transplantation Unit at Schneider Children's Hospital said being able to transplant Amichai's organ's was a privilege, "In such complex situations, it is difficult to put into words how the operating room team feels. The knowledge that the soldier not only saved lives during his own life but also in his death is a profound realization that lingers. While we work tirelessly to save a child's life, we are grateful for the privilege bestowed upon us. Each child is a world in themselves, and we stand on the side of sanctifying life, fighting for the lives of children," he said.
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