Eylon Levy uses his Oxford English to convey war truths to the world

After failing to communicate to the international media the extent of the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists, the head of public diplomacy efforts decided to enlist the help of British native Eylon Levy, who shared an online video that quickly gained widespread attention

Amid concerns about Israel's perceived significant communication gap within the political sphere, the Prime Minister's Office has recently appointed three spokespersons specifically tasked with engaging foreign media since the onset of the war. Among them is Mark Regev, the former ambassador to London and previously the spokesperson for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on international media matters.
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Israeli Government Spokesman Eylon Levy describes the horror

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The second appointee is Tal Heinrich, an experienced Israeli journalist; and the third is Eylon Levy, a British-born graduate of both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Levy, who is highly involved in advocating for Israel, also serves as a host on a prominent news network.
The decision to bring Eylon Levy on board was made by Moshik Aviv, who leads the national advocacy initiative as head of the National Public Diplomacy Directorate. Levy's performance as an advocate for Israel has been remarkably impressive. Fluent in English and possessing a refined British accent, he has captivated viewers. Broadcasting from the situation room at the national information headquarters in Tel Aviv, which is situated in close proximity to the prime minister's office, the spokespersons conduct interviews with media outlets from across the globe and release informative videos.
Levy's post of the "dead bodies clip" rapidly gained widespread attention as it went viral. In great detail, Levy depicted the somber scenes of the victims who tragically lost their lives in the October 7 massacre. The video in question was recorded during Levy's press conference specifically held for foreign media, immediately following a similar briefing by IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Daniel Hagari.
"What deeply troubles me are the charred, decapitated and disfigured corpses that haunt my thoughts," Levy said. "The sight of bodies strewn across open fields, blood-soaked bedrooms, forcibly removed from vehicles, left by the roadside, and even packed into bags, arranged in rows upon rows. The scale was such that search and rescue teams exhausted four years' worth of equipment within a mere three days. There were bodies submerged in pools of blood and piled up in a heap of mutilated corpses, where Hamas callously threw grenades into a shelter, indiscriminately targeting the young men who sought refuge there.
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צילום: מערך ההסברה הלאומי
צילום: מערך ההסברה הלאומי
Eylon Levy
(Photo: National advocacy apparatus)
"In the trunk of a van, one witnesses the distressing sight of a young girl's lifeless body, her leg twisted in an unnaturally broken position, while a terrorist, armed with an RPG missile, callously perches upon her and shouts 'Allahu Akhbar.' Shockingly, citizens join in this macabre 'celebration' and rejoice over the 'spoils' that the death squads brought with them to Gaza. There are scenes of bodies being contorted, blood streaming from their necks, as Hamas militants ruthlessly fire at them to ensure they're dead," he also said.
In graphic and horrific detail, Levy continues. "Burnt and decapitated bodies of soldiers being trampled upon by Hamas terrorists within Gaza, their blood-soaked, lifeless bodies dragged outside of vehicles. Savages walk over them, while terrorists gather around, shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' in a frenzy of joy and celebration, each taking their turn to kick the corpses with their feet. One can see the body of a Thai worker, barely alive, covered in blood, as a deranged individual attempts to strangle him with a wire. One sees the body of a woman, her face so badly burned that her lips are charred and only her teeth are visible, her legs disfigured, the bodies of infants.
"You can see the body of a baby shot in the head, burnt bodies of babies burned to ashes, many burnt babies. It was so difficult that I had to ask them to stop the video so I could understand that the lump of charcoal on the screen is actually the charred body of an Israeli baby. One sees a burnt body, its mouth gagged with a cloth still tied there, one sees a body so badly burned that the skin on the head is completely incinerated, revealing the white skull. One sees burnt bodies, completely burnt to ashes, terrified and distorted. One sees human ashes that the world has not seen since Auschwitz."
In a recent interview with Sky News, Levy was confronted by a journalist who said: "If you were not bombing Gaza, then people, I suppose, would not be taking sanctuary in the car park of a hospital."
Levy replied: "That is a very fair point, and if Hamas had not invaded on the morning of the 7th of October, if it hadn't butchered 1,400 people, maimed 4,000, taken 200 hostages in the worst terror attack in world history since 9/11 - we would not be in this war. This isn't a war that we wanted, it's not a war that we started, it's not a war that we expected. It is a war that Hamas has dragged us into with the war crime of the October 7 massacre and it is a war that we are determined to win because we have no choice. We can no longer exist with this ISIS-style terror organization on our border. We're going to win, and we're going to win decisively."
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