Golani soldiers rally to IDF recruitment center as brigade fights in Shijaiyah

Golani reservists turn out en masse in a central Israel recruitment center, hoping to join fighting in Hamas stronghold where many of their comrades were killed in 2014 war

Eager to join their Hamas-combating comrades, many Golani Brigades reservists have appeared in the Tel Hashomer IDF Recruitment Center in recent days. That's because Golani has returned inside the Shijaiyah neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City, in northern Gaza.
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One of those returning to Shijaiyah, where he valiantly fought during 2014's Operation Protective Edge, is Lt. Col. Ohad. "In recent days Golani has been engaged in fierce combat in Shijaiyah," he said. "All battalions are there, with plenty of skirmishes and even more dead terrorists. About a decade ago, Golani was also fighting here. We've lost friends and troops that I commanded. Golani Brigade - all the way."
Golani fighting in Shijaiyah
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
The IDF reports that, as of now, Golani soldiers have uncovered 15 tunnel shafts in Shijaiyah, have located multiple munition caches and have eliminated scores of terrorists inside one of Hamas' most recognized strongholds in the northern section of the Strip. Some of the terrorists have been shooting at them from inside nearby schools, and placed explosive charges at the entrance while attempting to lure the IDF inside.
Among those coming to welcome the reservists reporting for duty at Tel Hashomer was none other than Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. "You're on board a historic route," he said. "Your grandparents have already served, then your parents and now you. This is what grants life to our nation. While we're recruiting, Hamas is folding. I applaud you for helping to carry the load. The IDF is winning, and you will soon join that illustrious legacy.
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תיעודים מפעילות כוחות סיירת גולני בשכונת שג'עייה וסינק של סמח"ט גולני סגן אלוף אוהד
תיעודים מפעילות כוחות סיירת גולני בשכונת שג'עייה וסינק של סמח"ט גולני סגן אלוף אוהד
Images from within Shijaiyah
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"We will not be broken, regardless of the price. For those who have perished, for those who go on living and for our collective future. Go on and perform your duties and come home safe. In a few months, things will look very different," he said.
The Defense Ministry reported that, during his visit, Gallant was briefed regarding recruitment numbers and that he himself gave heavy praise for those ready for combat.
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