Their physics teacher is fighting in Gaza, but the school has found great substitutes

Upon learning that their children's physics teacher had been called up for reserve duty, Shay Diller and Prof. Jordan Chill reached out to the school principal and expressed their willingness to step in as replacements; 'It's a calling,' they said

Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad|
Shai Diller, a father of two students studying at Amit Bar Ilan High School in Ramat Gan, and a professional in the high-tech industry, received news that their physics teacher had been called up for reserve duty. In response, he decided to join the academic campaign and temporarily put his work on hold to become a full-time presence at the school. Joining him in this effort is Prof. Jordan Chill, another parent of a student from the same class.
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The regular physics teacher has been serving in the reserves for several weeks since being called up. Diller, who had surpassed the reserve age, sought to add some variety to his volunteering activities, which included assisting Magen David Adom, preparing sandwiches, and providing transportation for soldiers.
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שי דילר
שי דילר
Shay Diller
(Photo: Abigail Uzi)
"I decided to reach out to the school's principal, Tomer, via email and offered to teach physics in place of the enlisted teacher," he explained. "As an electrical engineer with a university education, I have a solid understanding of the subject matter. Although there was some red tape involved, I began teaching physics to two classes within a few days."
Diller further explains, "I have the freedom to choose when I can spare some time for myself. My kids informed me that their physics teacher was called up for reserve duty, and as a result, they were relying on online resources for learning. Considering the challenges posed by the pandemic and the ongoing conflict, students have somewhat fallen out of their usual learning routine, so I recognized the significance of stepping in. Personally, I find great satisfaction in this role, perhaps even more than the students themselves. To me, it's a way of making a meaningful contribution."
Chill, who is a chemistry professor at Bar Ilan University and also a parent of a student at the school, stepped in to take over the role of the physics teacher. As an alumnus of the school, having completed his studies there in 1988, this opportunity holds a special significance for him as it completes a circle.
"When my son informed me that the physics teacher was serving in the reserves with an uncertain return date," Chill explained, "I felt that it was crucial for students not to miss out on studying physics for an extended period. I reached out to Tomer, the principal, expressing my willingness to assist if needed, as I am well-versed in physics through my own profession, which I have always been passionate about. I consider it a calling."
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פרופ' ירדן טשיל
פרופ' ירדן טשיל
Prof. Chill
(Photo: Amit Bar Ilan)
Prof. Chill says, "In the first weeks of the war, I donated blood, purchased supplies for care packages for soldiers and provided meals for the displaced. I was looking for something consistent that I could contribute to the home front's resilience. I am glad that I have the privilege to return to this profession and teach it."
Tomer Shofar, the school's principal, said, "We are making every effort to cope with the shortage caused by the enlistment of teachers. Learning and routine are of great importance, so we are delighted to have parents who volunteered to teach. We are proud of them and greatly appreciate their partnership."
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