Most popular Israeli names during the war: Be'eri, Nir, Oz

Since the outbreak of the war, 17,629 babies were born in Israel and many were given names inspired by the communities along the Gaza border and the bravery of those who fought Hamas terrorists on October 7

In the maternity ward, the happiest place in the hospital during wartime, some very special names are given to newborns, reflecting that Israel lives and thrives amidst grief and mourning.
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According to the Population and Immigration Authority, from October 7 until November 22, 17,629 babies were born in Israel. Among them, 49 boys and one girl received the name "Oz," carrying a dual significance in its meaning - courage and in the name used by two of the Kibbutz communities, Nahal Oz and Nir Oz that came under attack and fought fierce battles against invading Hamas terrorists.
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Liraz and Dudu Samdajah
Thirty-four parents of boys and another 11 parents of girls opted for the name "Be'eri," inspired by the kibbutz that was almost entirely destroyed and suffered a great number of casualties.
Other names given to infants born in the past 47 days are also connected to the ongoing war. The name Erez was given to eight boys and two girls, named after the kibbutz where the armed civilians successfully thwarted the invading terrorists, as well as the Erez crossing and outpost. Five boys and three girls were named Nir, and there were also Dekel and Magen. Three sweet girls even received the very original name "Nova," meaning "new" in Latin, echoing the music festival near Kibbutz Be'eri that ended in tragedy with over 300 Israelis murdered in the Hamas massacre.
Liraz and Dudu Samdajah from Kibbutz Azrikam chose to name their third son "Oz," born during the ongoing war, but it turns out they are intimately familiar with the battles in the south. "We got married on the first day of the 2014 war against Gaza," Liraz says. "The wedding was pre-scheduled, and we didn't cancel the events, so we got married amidst sirens, and I gave birth amidst sirens."
Regarding the choice of the name, she says that she couldn't ignore the events of the war. "I never thought about this name before, but since the war started, we've been moved by the stories and news. We felt the pain of what was happening, with a lot of tears and sorrow. The name 'Oz' came to me mainly because of its meaning: bravery, not just because of the names of the kibbutzim. It connected me to the strength and courage shown by our heroic soldiers. 'God will give strength to His people,' that verse came to mind. In the covenant, when the rabbi read his name, we blessed our soldiers wholeheartedly, and the word 'Oz' fit perfectly."
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