'Jewish Nobel' for organizations fighting to bring back hostages

The Genesis Prize in 2024 amounting to $1 million, to be allocated to finance the care for those who have been freed, as well as for the injured and those who have been displaced

The Genesis Prize for 2024, with a value of one million dollars, will be warded to a selection of Israeli groups dedicated to providing a range of services including therapy, guidance, and backing for released hostages held captive in the Gaza Strip, along with their family members. The Genesis Prize Foundation also declared its intention to back a global initiative aimed at keeping the challenges faced by these captives at the forefront of the international diplomatic community's focus.
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The funds associated with the prize are earmarked for the financing of therapeutic care, psychological counseling, and the societal reintegration of individuals who have been liberated or extricated from Hamas's hold. Additional assistance is slated for Israeli nationals who have suffered injuries and for those relocated from nearby communities and northern areas. This marks the second instance in which the foundation has opted to allocate its yearly prize in a collective manner to a suite of entities, following the previous year's endowment to Jewish entities active within Ukraine.
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עצרת להחזרת החטופים, כיכר החטופים בתל אביב
עצרת להחזרת החטופים, כיכר החטופים בתל אביב
Hostage return protest in Tel Aviv
(Photo: Tal Shahar)
The Genesis Prize, bestowed annually and carrying a one million dollar purse, has been labeled the "Jewish Nobel Prize" by Time magazine. Its mission is to honor and bring to light Jewish figures of exceptional caliber, whose work and ethical commitments have rendered a profound impact on society at large, fostering inspiration among the forthcoming Jewish generation.
"This award is not a political statement, and it is not our intent to influence government policy. The Genesis Prize is a humanitarian award, and this year, it seeks to achieve three things – ensure the world does not forget the plight of the captives; provide additional aid to organizations focused on assisting the hostages and their families; and, last but not least, honor the selfless work of organizations that spontaneously emerged after October 7," Stan Polovets, founder and chairman of the Genesis Prize Foundation, said.
Polovets further remarked, "These volunteers are an inspiring example of Jewish strength and unity who have already earned a place in the history of the Jewish people and Israel. The 2024 Genesis Prize is a recognition of their indomitable spirit and the inspiration they have provided to all people of conscience around the world."
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מימין לשמאל: חתן פרס בראשית לשנת 2022 ד"ר אלברט בורלא, מייסד ויו"ר קרן פרס בראשית, סטן פולובץ, ונשיא המדינה, יצחק הרצוג.
מימין לשמאל: חתן פרס בראשית לשנת 2022 ד"ר אלברט בורלא, מייסד ויו"ר קרן פרס בראשית, סטן פולובץ, ונשיא המדינה, יצחק הרצוג.
Stan Povoletz in the middle with President Herzog
(Photo: Amos Ben-Gershom)
Avi Argamani, whose daughter, 26-year-old Noa Argamani, is held captive by Hamas in Gaza, shared his sentiments: "Every hour, every day, I worry, I speak out, and I do everything I can to ensure that my dear daughter Noa and the more than 100 captives held by Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza are released. I am grateful that the most prestigious prize in the Jewish world will remind everyone of the captives' plight, our distress, and will support the work of the organizations tirelessly working to bring them home. I call on all decent people in the world to join our efforts and help bring our loved ones home now."
Echoing these concerns, Eddie Alexander, father of 20-year-old captive Idan in the Strip, said, "We love our son Idan and can't wait to hug him again. We miss his laughter and his smile. He and the other captives were violently taken while Israel was at peace. They all need to come back home. I hope that the resonance of the Genesis Prize will help keep Idan and all the hostages on the front pages and bring them back home."
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