Israel expands travel warnings to 80 global destinations

National Security Council increases threat level to many Western European countries amid growing antisemitism and violent attacks as Gaza war rages on

The concern for the security of Israelis abroad is growing due to the increasing threats from Iran and Hamas, coupled with a rise in antisemitic incidents and attempts to harm Jews and Israelis. In response to these challenges, the National Security Council (NSC) has updated travel warnings to Level 2 for 80 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia.
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A more severe warning (Level 3) has been issued for South Africa, Eritrea, and several Asian countries. A Level 2 travel warning is termed a "potential threat," and the NSC advises taking enhanced precautionary measures when staying in these countries. On the other hand, Level 3 indicates a "moderate threat level," with the recommendation to avoid non-essential travel to these nations.
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מפת חום  - אזהרות מסע איומי טרור
מפת חום  - אזהרות מסע איומי טרור
Green indicates no threat, yellow - potential threat, orange - a moderate threat, red - a high threat,
In addition to the heightened alert levels, the NSC has issued several general recommendations for Israelis traveling abroad:
  • Postpone trips to countries with travel warnings, emphasizing those in the Arab world, the Middle East, the North Caucasus, nations surrounding Iran, and certain Muslim-majority countries in Asia.
  • Check the status of protests and incidents of violence against Israel in the chosen destination, even in countries without travel warnings.
  • Stay away from demonstrations and protests.
  • Maintain vigilance during the stay at the destination and pay attention to the surroundings.
  • Avoid displaying Israeli and Jewish symbols, as well as large gatherings of Israeli and Jewish entities.
  • Inquire in advance about emergency phone numbers at the chosen destination, including local Israeli representations if available.
"An unprecedented confluence of numerous terror efforts alongside antisemitic incidents has created a complex situation, including instances of incitement and violent events on the streets," explained a senior official from the NSC. "The travel warning stems from a convergence of threat levels, local extremist networks, the capabilities of local security services to function, and their connection with Israel."
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