Air Haifa warms engines ahead of launch

Airline expects its first plane to arrive later this month as it plans to begin flights in fall to Eilat and nearby locations around Mediterranean 

Iris Lifshitz Klieger |
Israel's newest airline Haifa Air is awaiting its first aircraft later this month as it prepares to launch its maiden flight, the airline said on Tuesday. Its newly acquired French Italian ATR 72-600 plane, seating 72 passengers will depart the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France and land in Haifa's International Airport.
The company expects to receive two additional aircraft of the same model in the coming months as it completes the final phases to obtain its operating license from the Civil Aviation Authority, in September and begin ticket sales for commercial flights from Haifa to destinations in Israel and around the Mediterranean.
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מטוס של אייר חיפה חברת התעופה הישראלית החדשה
מטוס של אייר חיפה חברת התעופה הישראלית החדשה
Air Haifa
(Photo: Courtesy ATR)
Air Haifa was established by Israeli entrepreneurs including tech mogul Nir Zuk founder of Palo Alto Networks and former El Al executives. The company plans to operate scheduled flights year-round.
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נמל שדה טרמינל תעופה חיפה
נמל שדה טרמינל תעופה חיפה
Haifa Airport
(Photo: Elad Gershgoren)
Launching a new airline, especially during this challenging time with a war in the north, is significant for the area," Air Haifa said in a statement. "The company will contribute and bolster the local economy and provide new job opportunities. Air Haifa will enable aerial connectivity that will serve the residents of the north and later contribute to the tourism industry in northern Israel.
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