IDF arrest Palestinian who slammed his car into group of Israeli soldiers

The military earlier said it was bolstering the troops in the West Bank after 3 terror attacks took place in the area, as well as in Jerusalem, in less than 24 hours

Israeli military confirmed they arrested a Palestinian motorist slammed his car into a group of Israeli soldiers in central Jerusalem on Wednesday night, wounding 12.
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  • Sand Al-Turman is a 25-year-old East Jerusalem resident with no prior security violations to his name. Shortly before the attack, he published a Facebook post, saying he has "found the answers."
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    סנד אל-טורמאן המחבל מפיגוע הדריסה בירושלים
    סנד אל-טורמאן המחבל מפיגוע הדריסה בירושלים
    The assailant who ran over 12 Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem
    In a statement, the army said the Border Police’s elite police counter-terrorism unit arrested the perpetrator. "After extensive operational and intelligence efforts, in cooperation with the Shin Bet and other special units, the forces apprehended the terrorist from yesterday’s attack in Jerusalem.”
    One of the 12 soldiers, who were all from the Golani Brigade, was seriously wounded and underwent surgery, while another sustained moderate wounds. The other troops 10 were lightly hurt.
    The manhunt for the Palestinian centered around the town of Beit Jala in the West Bank, where the assailant left the vehicle used in the incident.
    Earlier in the day, the army said it will bolster the troop presence in the West Bank after three separate terror attacks in the area in less than 24 hours.
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    פלסטינים מיידים אבנים על רכבי צה
    פלסטינים מיידים אבנים על רכבי צה
    Palestinians hurl stones at IDF troops in Beit Jala, where a manhunt for the motorist took place
    (Photo: EPA)
    On Thursday two Palestinians were killed by IDF forces in the West Bank clashes and another attack took place in Jerusalem after the perpetrator opened fire at police officer stationed at the entrance to Jerusalem's Old City.
    The 202 battalion of the IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade will assist the troops in the defensive duties to facilitate the expansion of the manhunt for the assailants.
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    עימותים בבית ג'אלה
    עימותים בבית ג'אלה
    IDF troops in the West Bank on Thursday
    (Photo: Reuters)
    In addition, several teams from IDF’s counter-terrorism school and the elite Duvdevan unit are also set to be deployed in the area.
    The head of the predominantly Arab Joint List party Ayman Odeh said he "strongly condemns" the shooting attack against a Border Policeman in the capital, carried out by Shadi Bana, a 40-year-old Israeli Arab from Haifa.
    "We strongly condemn the shooting," Odeh said. "There is no place for a citizen of the state to use weapons. Arab citizens of the country have chosen a civil and democratic fight to the end the occupation, [bring] peace and equality. We will not achieve this in any other way."
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    זירת הפיגוע בעיר העתיקה בירושלים
    זירת הפיגוע בעיר העתיקה בירושלים
    Israeli Arab fires at Border Police in Jerusalem on Thursday
    (Photo: Israel Police)
    Bana, a Christian, apparently converted to Islam not a long time ago.
    He was killed by security services during a manhunt that erupted as a result of the attack. His two brothers were taken in for questioning on suspicion they'd been aware of Bana's intentions prior to the attack. The two denied having any connection to the incident.
    Tensions have soared following last week's release of President Donald Trump's Mideast initiative, which Palestinians believe favors Israel and was largely rejected by the Arab world. The violence put the plan on even shakier ground and raised fears of another extended round of fighting in the decades-old conflict.
    Associated Press contributed to this report
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