Spanish minister supports Hamas, denies October 7 massacre

Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez appoints Sira Rego as minister for youth and children, despite her justification of Hamas attack and denial of atrocities

The Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez has appointed Sira Rego, a politician of Palestinian descent to the position of Minister of Youth and Children in his government. Rego has previously justified the October 7 massacre, accused Israel of "cold-blooded murder," and, shockingly, denied Hamas's responsibility for the heinous acts targeting children, the rape of women, beheading civilians, and the murder of hundreds of Israelis during the Nova Music Festival.
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Rego, born in 1973 in Valencia, grew up in the village of Anata near Jerusalem, where her Palestinian father still resides. On that dreadful Saturday morning, Rego posted a message expressing her views: "Palestine has the right to resist after decades of occupation, apartheid, and displacement. In the face of those advocating collective punishment through the bombardment of Gaza, it is crucial to defend international law. The only solution is ending the occupation."
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Sira Rego
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Sira Rego has been a member of the European Parliament since 2019, representing the far-left party "Unidas Podemos." She joined forces with several other far-left parties, including Podemos, under a political umbrella called "Somos" (becoming the third-largest party in Spain) and signed a coalition agreement with the new government of Pedro Sánchez. Sánchez is expected to arrive Thursday to Israel for a visit alongside his Belgian counterpart, and they are scheduled to meet, among others, with the families of the hostages.
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Sira Rego's post on X
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On October 10, just three days after the massacre, Rego met with the Palestinian ambassador in Spain and expressed her full support for the Palestinians. "Peace can only come with the end of the Israeli occupation," she declared. Rego is appointed as the Minister of Youth and Children, a role that did not exist before.
It remains unclear how a politician with zero sensitivity to Israel's atrocities, evident from her social media account filled with anti-Israel content and even support for Hamas, is appointed to serve in a position concerning youth and children. Rego was one of the 21 out of 705 European Parliament members who refused to condemn the massacre.
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