IAEA resolves nuclear issues with Iran - Iranian Media

According to the report investigations of three sites investigated for the presence of uranium particles were closed after inspectors had been attempting to clarify how enriched uranium to near military grade had been found
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has resolved nuclear issues with Iran relating to one of three sites being investigated over the presence of uranium particles, Iranian media reported on Tuesday.
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נתנז איראן
נתנז איראן
The Natanz nuclear facility in Iran
(Photo: AP)
The agency's alleged case regarding the findings of uranium particles with 83.7 purity has also been closed, a source told the semi-official Mehr news agency.
International atomic monitors detected uranium enriched to levels just below that needed for a nuclear weapon, in Iran last February according to a report in Bloomberg, citing two senior diplomats
The IAEA was trying to clarify how Iran accumulated uranium enriched to 84% purity — the highest level found by inspectors in the country to date, and a concentration just 6% below what’s needed for a weapon. Iran had previously told the IAEA that its centrifuges were configured to enrich uranium to a 60% level of purity.
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מזכ"ל סבא"א רפאל גרוסי איראן מנתקת מצלמות מעקב אתרי גרעין
מזכ"ל סבא"א רפאל גרוסי איראן מנתקת מצלמות מעקב אתרי גרעין
Rafael Grossi
( Photo: AFP )
Last year the UN atomic watchdog said Iran had accumulated enriched uranium in sufficient quantity to make three nuclear bombs.
The IAEA is due to issue quarterly reports on Iran this week, ahead of a regular meeting of its 35-nation Board of Governors next week.
Reuters contributed to this report
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