Israeli pool party video misrepresented as footage from war-torn Ukraine

Right-wing commentator shares post in criticism of US support for Ukraine, but vigilant users trace video back to luxury rental villa outside Tel Aviv

A video depicting a bevy of scantily clad women partying poolside has been circulating on social media, falsely claiming to be from war-torn Ukraine when it was actually filmed in Israel.
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Dom Lucre, a right-wing commentator with 650,000 followers, uploaded the video to X with the caption “BREAKING: Democrats are saying Americans party when they are at war. Americans don’t GET INVADED. I would LOVE to go to UKRAINE this war is a JOKE!”
The video, which quickly garnered significant attention, has raised questions about its authenticity and Lucre's intentions. Critics argued that the footage's validity was unproven and that such posts could spread misinformation.
However, the platform’s users have stepped forward to scrutinize the video's origins, tracing it back to a luxury rental villa outside Tel Aviv.
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The video from Israel was mispresented as being  shot in Ukraine
The video from Israel was mispresented as being  shot in Ukraine
The video from Israel was mispresented as being shot in Ukraine
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Ukraine, since the beginning of the conflict with Russia, has been receiving various forms of assistance from the international community, including the United States. Lucre's post implies a narrative that the aid might be misused or that the country isn't in dire need.
Former U.S. President Donald Trump and other conservative figures have been critical of the large amounts of aid the Biden administration has provided to Ukraine during the war, which the 77-year-old presidential hopeful claims he can "end in 24 hours" if reelected.
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