Jordan restaurant opens under the name October 7

News of eatery's launch posted on X by politician and member of the Jordanian Islamic Movement; Israel-Jordan ties suffer post war as long-instated bilateral meetings suspended, Queen doubts Hamas committed atrocities

A new Jordanian restaurant was given the offensive name October 7, with a nod to the Hamas massacre that killed over 1,200 Israelis, wounded thousands more and ended with the obduction of hundreds of hostages to Gaza.
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The new eatery's launch on Jordan's shores of the Dead Sea was posted on X by Dima Tahboub, a member of Jordan's Islamist movement and politician. and quickly prompted angry reactions among Israelis and their supporters.
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מסעדה בירדן בשם 7 באוקטובר
מסעדה בירדן בשם 7 באוקטובר
New Jordanian restaurant named October 7
Israeli Jordanian ties have become increasingly strained after the outbreak of the war. Bilateral meetings that had been held as a practice to deal with matters of interest to both countries have been suspended.
Soon after Israel's ground offensive began, Jordanian Queen Rania accused the world of a double standard giving Israel a pass in its war in Gaza. In an interview to CNN in October, she cast doubt whether the atrocities were ever committed by Hamas terrorists in the attack on Gaza border communities in Israel.
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Jordanian Queen Rania in an interview with CNN in October
Jordanian Queen Rania in an interview with CNN in October
Jordanian Queen Rania in an interview with CNN in October
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"The U.S. president said he had evidence, that he had seen evidence that children's heads had been decapitated, only to retract it later because the IDF said there was no proof of this. This is confirmation bias," claimed the queen, who is of Palestinian origin.
She later rejected claims that criticism of Israel was antisemitic.
“Let me be very, very clear. Being pro-Palestinian is not being antisemitic, being pro-Palestinian does not mean you’re pro-Hamas or pro-terrorism.”
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