Foreign minister clears Jordan from responsibility over arms-smuggler MP

Eli Cohen says it appears Al Adwan's attempt to move 200 handguns, assault rifles and gold across the Jordanian border was a criminal act, in an apparent attempt to avoid a diplomatic crisis with the Hashemite Kingdom

Alexandra Lukash, Einav Halavi|
Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said on Monday that Jordan was not involved in the alleged gun-smuggling plot that led to the arrest if a member of the Jordanian parliament.
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  Imad Al-Adwan, Eli Cohen
  Imad Al-Adwan, Eli Cohen
Imad Al-Adwan, Eli Cohen
(Photo: Reuters)
"This is a serious matter that is being investigated by security officials, Cohen said. It involves the smuggling of a large number of weapons and is a criminal act," he said.
Imad Al-Adwan, a Jordanian member of the Parliament was arrested on Saturday after some 200 handguns, assault rifles and gold were found in his bags at the King Hussein border crossing. He was taken for question by the Shin Bet.
Cohen relieved Jordan of any responsibility, in the hope of averting a diplomatic crisis with Israel's neighbor to the east and described the smuggling as a criminal act.
The minister said Al Adwan must be brought to justice but would not say whether Israel would make any demands of the Hashemite Kingdom to prosecute him, once he is returned to their hands.
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סוכלה הברחה בגשר אלנבי של חבר פרלמנט ירדני
סוכלה הברחה בגשר אלנבי של חבר פרלמנט ירדני
Weapons seized at the Jordanian border crossing
"It is up to the security services who are responsible for the handling of this matter," Cohen said.
We believe he must be brought to justice.
Al Adwan's brother said on Monday, that he is confident the Jordanian government will be successful in bringing his brother home but was concerned that "haters would reach him or some would use him for their personal goals."
He claimed that his brother was unable to use his diplomatic immunity because he was not entitled to it under the Vienna Accords. Jordanian officials said Israel would facilitate a meeting with the detained parliamentarian, for the Jordanian ambassador later in the day.
Security sources said the incident is highly sensitive because it is an attempt to smuggle a substantial number of weapons by a member of parliament but on the other hand, Israel has no interest in a crisis with Jordan.
Thus far, the Palestinian Authority has made no comment on the arrest but a senior member of the Fatah movement in Huwara was heard in a recording published online, alleging that the gold and arms that Al Adwan was caught with, were meant for Hamas operatives on the West Bank in order to assist the Islamist group in stealing control of the area from Fatah.
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