US exploring Israel-Lebanon land boundary deal to push Hezbollah away from border

Washington seeks to strike agreement akin to the maritime border deal signed in 2022; Gallant vows to drive terror group beyond Litani River

The United States is exploring a potential permanent land border demarcation agreement between Israel and Lebanon, akin to the maritime border deal signed in 2022, Israeli sources told Ynet on Wednesday.
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The primary objective of this agreement is to address border disputes, often cited by Hezbollah as a formal complaint against Israel in Lebanon's internal discourse.
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כוחות יוניפיל בדרום לבנון
כוחות יוניפיל בדרום לבנון
UN peacekeepers along Israel-Lebanon border
(Photo: AP/Bilal Hussein)
Senior Israeli officials indicate that the real goal is to permanently push Hezbollah away from the border using robust diplomatic efforts, aimed at averting a military conflict along the northern border.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Wednesday evening vowed to drive Hezbollah away from the border with Israel beyond the Litani River.
After concluding a highly tense meeting with the heads of frontline communities along the Lebanon border, Gallant assured them that the approximately 80,000 residents living within 9 kilometers of the border will not return to their homes until security in the area is restored.
Gallant emphasized the preference for an international political agreement to ensure Hezbollah is pushed beyond the Litani River, based on UN Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006.
However, he noted, that if this primary option fails, Israel will use all available means, including military action, to remove Hezbollah.
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