Netanyahu and his messianic cohorts must go

Opinion: The government has failed Israel in everyway, and has lost public trust, critical to win the war while the fight must not become Netanyahu's political shield for his and his minister's disastrous reign

Sever Plocker|
The surprise attack of Arab armies that started the 1973 Yom Kippur War was a result of the military brass's arrogance and the government's excessive reliance on them. The surprise attack that is the start of the 2023 Simchat Torah war is the result of a catastrophic, perverted list of priorities of this government that has since its establishment last January, concentrated almost entirely on its harmful and unnecessary judicial legislation and had capitulated to the financial and political demands of its ultra-Orthodox members.
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The government and its prime minister had no time, will, or interest in dealing with Israel's economy, social problems, education health, or security. Yes, security.
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נזק לבניינים באשקלון
נזק לבניינים באשקלון
Rocket destroys home in Ashkelon
(Photo: Menahem Kahana / AFP)
The murderous invasion by Hamas from Gaza, into communities in the south, has exposed how central matters of security were neglected by the government, including the fight against Hamas.
You don't have to be a learned strategist to understand that had this coalition devoted the same attention to the security of the Gaza border area that was devoted to legislating a bill to block the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office, this would not have happened and the lives of so many, would not have been lost.
However, this government saw the risk from Hamas in the south as a mere distraction from important matters such as weakening the judiciary or relieving the ultra-Orthodox citizens from the duty to serve in the military.

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פינוי הפצועים מבארי לבית החולים סורוקה, באר שבע
פינוי הפצועים מבארי לבית החולים סורוקה, באר שבע
Wounded arrive at Soroka Medical Center
(Photo: Herzl Yosef)
This disgraceful failure can lead to only one conclusion, regardless of political views: Enough! Leave! The Netanyahu, Smotrich, Levine and Ben-Gvir coalition along with their enablers must go. It has not functioned as is expected of a government, was preoccupied with its own survival and had shattered to pieces, Israel's resilience and that of its citizens.
The unforgivable cost in blood was paid by the residents of the south, soldiers, firemen, policemen paramedics and more but the price of sacrificing Israel's security (and economy) on the alter of coalition maneuvering must be exacted from the prime minister and the ministers allied with him. They must all go home!
Those responsible for the catastrophe must not be allowed to continue to be at the helm. Their irresponsible and reckless conduct violated Israel's national contract with its citizens and has entirely lost Israel's faith, which is vital in order to win the war and rebuild the economy and society when it ends.
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בנימין נתניהו בקבינט הביטחוני מדיני
בנימין נתניהו בקבינט הביטחוני מדיני
Security cabinet meets
(Photo: GPO)
They should leave, their heads bowed in shame and exit the stage, the sooner the better. They can be replaced. Others, even from the Likud Party, who favor patriotism over messianic extremism and political expediency, could step in and gain the public trust needed to run things.
The Gaza war cannot become Netanyahu's political shield or that of ministers who have never considered the good of Israel over their base. They cannot be trusted. They are to blame for what has transpired. They must be sent home, here and now and relieve us from their nightmarish reign.
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