Diaspora Jews must wake up and join Israel's fight

Opinion: Israelis and Jews living abroad must speak up and confront the incitement spread by Hamas supporters to fight the false narrative and oppose antisemitism; the streets of the world are also a front line in the war

The images arriving in recent weeks from Europe, South America and the United States should worry each Israeli and each Jew around the world. Jewish students being hunted on Ivy League campuses, pictures of hostages being torn down in liberal cities, mass demonstrations expressing hate for Israel on European streets and public support for the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7 all under the whitewashed call to "Free Palestine."
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But while many brave Jews and Israeli expats boarded flights to Israel and joined their reserve units to fight Hamas, those who remained, have a job that is no less important, to bring Israel's position in the war to the public discourse.
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מחאה בגבעת הקפיול
מחאה בגבעת הקפיול
Pro-Palestine protester in Washington
(Photo Alex Wong / Getty Images)
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הפגנה אנטי ישראלית באמסטרדם, שבה קראו ל"שחרור פלסטין" מהירדן לים
הפגנה אנטי ישראלית באמסטרדם, שבה קראו ל"שחרור פלסטין" מהירדן לים
Pro-Palestine protesters in Amsterdam
(Photo: Piroschka van de Wouw / Reuters)
I hear calls for Jews and Israelis to hide any identifying Jewish marks and keep their heads down, and I am dumbfounded. I understand the security concerns and the threats made, but it is time that Jews stand tall, without fear and fight the antisemitism and the incitement that is spreading around the world.
That is precisely what Galit Lavi did in Spain last week. These brave Israelis who saw a pro-Hamas demonstration organizing, printed signs, purchased a megaphone and set out fearlessly to face the aroused crowd.
Galit Lavi confronts pro Hamas protesters in Spain
(. )
It must be said that Galit is not alone and many Jews and Israelis have decided to act, pick up cameras or signs, and confront ignorance and incitement, but they are not enough and more, many more, must end their fear, stand tall and change the conception. There must no longer be a reality of hiding until the wave passes, in this war, the streets of the world are also a front line.
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