IDF releases video of Hamas stealing aid from Gazans

Aerial footage from Gaza's Shijaiyah neighborhood shows Hamas terrorists unloading humanitarian aid and striking civilians before leaving with loot

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released a video on Saturday in which Hamas terrorists are shown stealing food and humanitarian aid from civilians in Gaza City's Shijaiyah neighborhood and assaulting them.
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IDF officials said the footage demonstrates the difference between members of the terrorist organization and civilians in the Gaza Strip.
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צה"ל פרסם תיעוד מהאוויר: מחבלי חמאס הכו תושבים - וגנבו מהם אספקה
צה"ל פרסם תיעוד מהאוויר: מחבלי חמאס הכו תושבים - וגנבו מהם אספקה
Footage of Hamas terrorists stealing aid from Gazans
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
According to the IDF, the video shows Hamas terrorists looting bags of humanitarian aid that entered the Gaza Strip. They are then seen loading the supplies onto vehicles belonging to the terrorists, assaulting civilians and moving the stolen goods to a location affiliated with Hamas.
"Hamas prevents Gazan civilians from receiving food and supplies, diverting them for its own needs instead," the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. "Hamas leaders don’t care for and oppress the civilian population in Gaza. Hamas is an enemy to everyone in the Strip."
The video comes following recordings published by CNN on Saturday of Gazans slamming Hamas and blaming the ruling terror group for the civilian cost of the war.
In the recordings, one woman said the wars in Gaza are waged by Hamas for political reasons alone. "If you're a Gazan citizen who opposes war and says, "I don't want war," you're branded a traitor.
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Recording of Gaza resident condemning Hamas for war
Recording of Gaza resident condemning Hamas for war
Recording of Gaza resident condemning Hamas for war
(Photo: Screenshot)
"They exploit us under the pretext of resistance," another resident of the Strip, says in the clip shown on CNN. He accused Hamas of profiting from the wars since 2008. "Whenever there is a war, when they get more aid money, they're the ones who benefit and we get nothing."
In a recording made on October 24, a man says his immediate enemy is Hamas and not Israel. "I have no house, no life, nothing. We're condemned to suffer because of this stupid organization," he is quoted as saying. "Who made us live in poverty in Gaza? Not the Jews, Hamas."
In a recording from October 28, a Gazan says that because of the events of October 7, everybody believes Gazans are terrorists who cut people's heads off.
An earlier recording from October 18 presents a Gazan who says Hamas has wrecked the Palestinian people.
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