Saudi media says Israel confirmed strike on Yemen

Al-Hadath says Thursday strike targets missile, UAV storage in Sana'a, Houthis deny report say explosion in capital caused by old bombs left from previous fighting, threaten increased attacks on Israeli targets on land and sea

Lior Ben Ari|
Saudi Media reported on Friday that Israeli officials confirmed Israel was behind the missile strike in Yemen's capital on Thursday.
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According to the Saudi Al-Hadath the explosion that was seen and heard in Sana'a was in a closed military zone of the city that was reported to be a storage for missiles and UAVs under Houthi control.
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פיצוץ בג'בל עטאן בבירת תימן צנעא
פיצוץ בג'בל עטאן בבירת תימן צנעא
Explosion in Yemen capital, Sana'a on Thrusday
Houthi officials denied their weapons stores were hit. They claimed the explosion was in a gas station and was the result of remnants of old bombs that were left there from previous fighting.
The Iran-backed Yemeni rebels had fired missiles and drones towards Israel's southern resort city of Eilat in the weeks since the war in Gaza began. They also attacked cargo ships and an oil tanker with links to Israeli companies.
Israeli owned Integrated Shipping Services, said its vessels would be diverted to longer shipping routs to avoid danger but that the move would add 18 days to their journey from the Fareast and would result in higher prices for cars and goods.
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מכלית נפט ספינה CENTRAL PARK שלפי דיווחים גורמים שזהותם לא ברורה עלו על סיפונה מול חופי תימן
מכלית נפט ספינה CENTRAL PARK שלפי דיווחים גורמים שזהותם לא ברורה עלו על סיפונה מול חופי תימן
Oil tanker freed by U.S. forces after hostile group attempts to take control of it
On Thursday, the Houthis renewed threats to attack Israel. In a post, the group's spokesperson said they were prepared to resume their military activities against Israel if "aggressions" in Gaza are renewed and are not afraid to increase their attacks against targets on land and sea and would continue their actions until Israel stops its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza.
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