Hamas has fuel, medicine, food and other essentials stored underground, report

Western and other sources quoted saying the terror group hold close to a million liters of fuel and has armament and supplies to last for up to 4 months of fighting while hospitals, aids groups including UN agencies, decry shortages

The Hamas terror organization has been holding hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel, stored food and supplies, while aid organizations in Gaza warn they are running out, According to a report in the New York Times in Saturday, quoting Western officials, who added that Hamas built storage facilities underground ahead of the fighting.
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The sources said Hamas was in possession of between 800 thousand to one million liters of fuel that is used to operate its rocket launchers. It also stores large amounts of arms, explosives and materials for the production of more weapons. Hamas, they said have stockpiles of food, water and medicine supplies.
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סיוע הומניטרי לעזה מעבר רפיח מצרים חרבות ברזל האו"ם
סיוע הומניטרי לעזה מעבר רפיח מצרים חרבות ברזל האו"ם
Humanitarian aid enters Gaza Strip across Egypt's Rafah border
(Photo: Khaled Elfiqi / EPA)
A Lebanese source quoted in the New York Times article said the terror group has enough supplies to carry it through three to four months of fighting.
The reporting supports testimony from released Israeli hostage Yocheved Lifshitz who said the captives were given medicine, shampoo and other toiletries, all supplies regular Gazans would find hard to locate at this time of war.
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 יוכבד ליפשיץ בבית החולים איכילוב, לאחר ששוחררה משבי חמאס
 יוכבד ליפשיץ בבית החולים איכילוב, לאחר ששוחררה משבי חמאס
Yocheved Lifshitz after her release from Hamas captivity
(Photo: Abir Sultan / EPA)
The reporting comes as hospitals and aid groups in Gaza say they are in desperate need for fuel and other supplies to be able to assist Gazans under Israeli strikes.
Israel has refused to allow fuel to be delivered into the Strip and told the aid organizations, including the UN agency for refugees - UNRWA to ask Hamas to share its stored supplies.
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