Metula emergency squad members injured while helping family whose home hit by Hezbollah rocket

The 2 men injured in Sunday night's anti-tank missile attack were members of the standby squad, who were helping a family collect their belongings from their damaged home; One of the victims is in serious condition

Two members of Metula's stand-by security squad were injured Sunday night by an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon, while they were helping a family to collect belongings from their home that went up in flames following a Hezbollah's rocket attack on Saturday. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the anti-tank missile attack.

Fire sparked by anti-tank missile fired at Metula
(VIdeo: Metula security squad)

The two injured were evacuated to Rambam Hospital in Haifa under fire.
Rambam reports that the condition of one of injured security officials, who is in his forties, is defined as serious but stable. He was operated on overnight and will be hospitalized in general intensive care. The condition of the other injured person, in his thirties, is defined as light. He was hospitalized in the trauma department.
The head of the Metula Council, David Azoulay, said that the anti-tank fire was directed at a regional council vehicle and at a civilian vehicle that was adjacent to it.
"Two members of the emergency squad wanted to help civilians whose house was on fire and wanted to get things out of it. It is simply a criminal shooting by Hezbollah at civilians, and the State of Israel - and the government of Israel - continues to remain silent. In my eyes, this is very serious and I hope that we will leave here on a new path, and that someone will finally understand that it happened," he said.
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שריפות במטולה בעקבות הירי מלבנון
שריפות במטולה בעקבות הירי מלבנון
Firefighters douse blaze at home hit by rocket fired from Lebanon
(Photo: Fire and Rescue Services, Northern Division)
Azoulay, who spoke shortly after the missile strike, said that he helped rescue the wounded who were hit. "I will take a shower, clean off the blood and go to the hospital," he said Sunday night. "I hope we will know more beautiful and quieter days."
Hezbollah launched a series of drones from Lebanon on Sunday, and at least one of them was intended to hit an area some 30 kilometers from the border. Meanwhile, an IDF soldier was seriously injured from shrapnel as a result of the interception of one of the drones.
hen at least two UAVs were launched to Ayelet HaShahar in the Hula Valley in the Hula Valley, a loud explosion was heard and a suspected direct hit was investigated. Hezbollah later said that they had launched a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles to the base in Ayelet Hashar, in response to the Israeli attack yesterday in the town of al-Khiyara, 50 km from the border. The IDF said that several suspicious aerial targets were identified that crossed over from Lebanese territory, including a UAV that was successfully intercepted by the air defense fighters.
Meanwhile, Air Force Gen. CQ Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an Israeli military offensive into Lebanon would risk an Iranian response in defense of the powerful Hezbollah terror group there, triggering a broader war that could put U.S. forces in the region in danger.
He said that he did not know what Israel's next steps would be in the war, emphasizing that it has the right to defend itself, but at the same time he said: "Hezbollah has better capabilities than Hamas, including a greater number of missiles. Iran is more inclined to provide support to Hezbollah."
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