Photo of IDF soldier interrogating a Palestinian in his underwear goes viral

The image, shared by the soldier himself, was captured in a school in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza and sparked caricatures and commentary on social media

A photo of an IDF soldier, appearing to be "interrogating" a detained Palestinian, has gone viral worldwide, stirring reactions across social media and beyond. The image, captured in a school in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza, was shared by the soldier himself.
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The image sparked caricatures and commentary on social media. The IDF responded that the detainee was released after investigation, clarifying that he was not a terrorist, and the soldier, serving in the reserves, has been released from duty.
During a press briefing, Ned Price, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, was asked about the photo and termed it "deeply troubling," noting he would leave it to the IDF to comment, while emphasizing the importance of respecting basic human rights, urging adherence to humanitarian principles and accountability for those who violate them.
Israa Almodallal, a former Hamas spokesperson with 171,000 followers on Instagram, shared that one of her followers identified the suspect in the photo: "He's from the Shijaiyah neighborhood, known as Hamzeh. He defies the villains to their faces. Before his arrest, Hamzeh's mother was killed, as well as his brother, sister-in-law, and two-year-old nephew. His second brother was killed in the battles of Shijaiyah during Operation Protective Edge. So, who is the terrorist here?" she added.
In response, the IDF stated, "A reserve soldier photographed and published documentation contrary to IDF orders and values. Recently, it was decided to suspend his reserve duty. The photo was taken during a field investigation. The suspect was not harmed during the investigation. Following a brief interrogation, the detainee was released."
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