Iranian rabbi says Zionism 'is like ISIS in Islam'

Yona Chemami Laelazar says in interview with Iranian media that Jews across the world oppose the 'Zionist regime' in Israel which he claims has no connection to Judaism
Iranian Rabbi Dr. Yona Chemami Laelazar said in a recent interview with Iranian media that “Zionism in Judaism is like ISIS in Islam.” He claimed that the root of the issue in the war between Israel and Hamas was "when Zionism was created," and asserted that Zionism caused the most significant damage to the image and belief of Jews worldwide. Chemami also said that the Zionist regime has abused the term antisemitism.
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The rabbi further mentioned that initially, “the first opposition to Zionism came from Jews themselves,” and added that “this opposition continues to this day.” Talking about Israel's attempts to justify itself through various means, Wise Chemami said, "The Zionist regime intends to justify itself both within the occupied territories and the world, and through deception, the Zionist regime’s efforts make their actions appear reasonable and justified."
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הרב יונה חמאמי - בכיר רבני איראן
הרב יונה חמאמי - בכיר רבני איראן
Dr. Yona Chemami Laelazar
(Photo: Fararu)
"The Jewish belief derives from the Torah," he said, noting that "Israel is trying to correlate between Hamas and ISIS. ISIS wasn’t a representative of Islam, and Muslims around the world were against this ideology, including their actions throughout history. Similarly, the Zionist regime does not represent the beliefs of the majority of Jews worldwide, but this abuse continues with the support of the West and the United States."
Rabbi Chemami added, "Today, the Zionist regime is seen as corrupt in the global public opinion. This significance can be seen from the anti-Zionist actions of nations supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation, including in European and American capitals, traditionally considered great supporters of this regime.
“People from all around the world, regardless of religion, language, or race, see Palestinian children as innocents, and gathered on Monday, November 8, in a spontaneous protest against the crimes of the Zionist regime that took place in some of our cities. This protest, alongside numerous gatherings in different cities worldwide with the participation of Jews and followers of other religions, is a clear testament to the Zionist regime’s absurdity."
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הפגנות פרו פלסטיניות ב ברלין גרמניה
הפגנות פרו פלסטיניות ב ברלין גרמניה
Pro-Palestinian protest in Germany
He also claimed that "the Zionist regime started attacking Gaza residents recklessly, killing more than 10,000 people. This illegitimate regime, which was founded on several Jewish ideals and beliefs, now provides fuel to its war machine using those same false beliefs."
Rabbi Chemami talked about the Israeli strikes in Gaza, saying, "Many residential areas in Gaza were destroyed, and the world's silence about these actions is incomprehensible. The Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza are unacceptable to any free person. These actions are done only to terrorize the people and have no military value. According to published reports, the Zionist regime dropped more bombs on Gaza residents than America used on Hiroshima. What’s the purpose of these insane attacks?"
He argued that "Zionism in Judaism is like ISIS in Islam. Just as ISIS is characterized by its radical and extreme ideology, presenting itself as the main and only representative of Islam, we all know that ISIS has no connection to Islam, as Islam has a 1,400-year history.”
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דגל של דאע״ש שאותר על ידי לוחמי סיירת הנח"ל
דגל של דאע״ש שאותר על ידי לוחמי סיירת הנח"ל
ISIS flag found on Hamas terrorists following the attack on October 7
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"This is evidence that ISIS has no connection to Islam,” he added. “Zionism in the Jewish religion is similar to ISIS. They have no connection to the Jewish religion. Since the beginning of the revolution, we, the Iranian Jews, have been living well, with Jews here being separate from the Zionists, and this policy has ensured that the rights of the Jewish minority are respected. Iranian Jews have always stood against the Zionist regime, and there was no tendency to join this stream in Iran’s Jewish community."
Chemami said that since the establishment of Zionism, the Zionists have always relied on false propaganda. "One of this stream’s excuses for the manipulation and deception of some Jews is the Holocaust issue. Based on this event that occurred during World War II, where Nazi Germany killed many Jews, Zionism claimed that they are the only refuge for Jews and that Jews would not be safe anywhere except in Israel. Zionism claimed that a second Holocaust would not be allowed to happen again. However, the first opposition to Zionism came from Jews themselves."
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