5 children tied to top of moving vehicle, their uncle is detained for investigation

A resident of Jerusalem in his 30s was questioned by police after a video showed his nephews strapped to the trunk of his moving car; 'There was real danger to their lives'
Liran Tamari|

The police arrested a suspect who tied children to the trunk of his moving car
(Video: Police spokesperson )

A resident of Jerusalem in his 30s was detained Sunday for questioning in the traffic unit of the Israel Police, after a video was published on Friday of five children tied with a strap to the trunk of his moving car.
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The investigators of the central traffic unit of the Jerusalem district launched an investigation in cooperation with the Sheft Station, after seeing in the video of the dangerous act, and located the owner of the vehicle, a resident of the city's Ramot neighborhood. He appeared on Sunday for questioning, during which he denied that he was the driver of the vehicle, but acknowledged that it was his nephews who were tied to the top of the vehicle while it was moving.

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המשטרה עצרה חשוד שקשר ילדים לתא המטען של רכבו בזמן נסיעה
המשטרה עצרה חשוד שקשר ילדים לתא המטען של רכבו בזמן נסיעה
The children were tied with a strap to the trunk of their uncle's car
(Photo: Police spokesperson)
At the end of the investigation, and despite the arguments of the owner of the car, the police started traffic law proceedings against the boys' uncle for reckless driving, due to the seriousness of the act and his responsibility over what his vehicle is used for.
The head of the investigative team at the Jerusalem District Magistrate's Office, Maj. Gen. Eli Matlov, said: "This is a serious and dangerous act that indicates irresponsibility on the part of the driver and the owners of the vehicle. As soon as we were informed about what happened, an investigation was opened against the owner of the vehicle. This is a serious incident in which the lives of the young 'passengers' are at real risk. We will continue to act against drivers who endanger those who use public roads with their driving."
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