Yeshiva student returns money after bank makes mistake

Bank employees are astonished, say recipients of extra cash have never before returned the money

A young yeshiva student in New York withdrew $5,000 in cash from a Chase bank branch located on 13th Avenue in Boro Park, and when he noticed he received an extra $1,000 he went back to the bank to return the money.
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According to Yeshiva World News, on Monday the young man, who is studying at a local yeshiva, withdrew $5,000 in cash from a local bank branch. When he returned home, he counted the bills and quickly realized that he had received $6,000 instead of the intended $5,000.
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קו הרקיע של מנהטן, ניו יורק
קו הרקיע של מנהטן, ניו יורק
New York
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He double-checked the receipt, which indeed indicated that he was supposed to receive only $5,000. The following morning, the man returned to the bank, handed the teller $1,000 in cash, and explained that there had been a mistake, and he received more money than he had withdrawn.
Bank employees were astonished. They had noticed the missing money, presumably even identifying who had received it, but found it hard to believe that the recipient actually returned the extra cash. They admitted that no one had ever returned extra money received in error before, and they were very surprised that someone had the integrity to do so.
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