At least 6 wounded, 2 seriously in West Bank shooting attack

Troops confirm terrorist killed in fire from military chopper after hours-long chase including gunfights; in terror strike, assailant opens fire on a minibus

Terrorist launches West Bank shooting attack

IDF forces were in an hours-long pursuit after a terrorist who carried out a West Bank shooting attack wounding at least six people, two of them seriously. After he was attacked from the air by a military chopper, the military was attempting to confirm that he had been killed.
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The attack on a minibus took place in the early morning hours and although troops on the scene returned fire, the terrorist escaped, and a manhunt was launched.
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  המחבל שביצע את הפיגוע בבנימין מתחבא בשיחים
  המחבל שביצע את הפיגוע בבנימין מתחבא בשיחים
Terrorist hides in bushes during West Bank shooting attack

The troops were involved in periodic gun battles with the assailant who continued to evade capture. After he was struck from the air by an IDF chopper, the forces were attempting to confirm that he had been killed.
The military has been operating against terror suspects on the West Bank and have been on high alert especially since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
Terror attacks have been carried out on nearly a daily basis in the West Bank and inside Israel as well.
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תיעוד ערבי מפיגוע הירי בחברון
תיעוד ערבי מפיגוע הירי בחברון
Muslim cleric shoots at settlers in Hebron
On Tuesday, two members of the security forces were wounded after they were shot by a terrorist near Bethlehem and days earlier, a cleric from a Hebron mosque opened fire at settlers in the Jewish neighborhood of Hebron.
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