'Despite being stabbed, he prevented a serious attack'

Analysis of footage from Karmiel mall stabbing attack reveals Sergeant Natan Shimon Avny shot terrorist moments after being seriously wounded

Nir (Shoko) Cohen, Eitan Glikman|
Surveillance footage of Karmiel mall attack

Footage of Wednesday's stabbing attack in Karmiel revealed Sergeant Natan Shimon Avny, who was seriously wounded in the attack, eliminated the terrorist after he critically injured Sergeant Aleksandr Iakiminskyi who later succumbed to his injuries.
"Despite being stabbed three times in the chest and shoulder, he was composed and prevented a more serious attack," Kobi Avny, the wounded soldier's father said from the Galilee Medical Center where his son is now hospitalized.
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קןבי אבני ובנו נתן שמעון אבני
קןבי אבני ובנו נתן שמעון אבני
Kobi and Sergeant Natan Shimon Avny
(Photo: Courtesy)
"My son's condition is stable. He underwent surgeries and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit," he added. "He was there with the murdered Aleksandr Iakiminskyi. He accompanied him as a security guard on their way to their base in the northern Golan Heights, and then they stopped to eat in the Karmiel mall."
"The terrorist came and stabbed them from behind, and you can see my son and Aleksandr in the video being stabbed and injured. My son then acted quickly, shot his rifle and neutralized the terrorist. Unfortunately, Aleksandr, his friend, was murdered in this horrific attack."
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סמל אלכסנדר יקימינסקי ז"ל
סמל אלכסנדר יקימינסקי ז"ל
Sergeant Aleksandr Iakiminskyi
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
In footage of the attack, the terrorist can be seen stabbing the two from behind. Within seconds, they recovered and reached for their weapons. Natan initially fell to the ground and then, as the terrorist began stabbing Iakiminskyi, managed to cock his weapon and fire.
At this point, the terrorist was hit and retreated, and Iakiminskyi, despite being critically wounded, cocked his weapon as well. Natan then shot the terrorist repeatedly until he was neutralized.
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