Minister confirms Israel attacked Iran, ending ambiguity

Miri Regev, a member of the security cabinet and transportation minister tells right-wing outlet Iran and the world can see Israel is 'no sucker' although government choses not to claim responsibility for the strike on Isfahan airbase last month
A member of the security cabinet and Transportation Minister Miri Regev confirmed late on Saturday, that Israel had attacked Iran in response to the Iranian missile and drone strike on Israel last month. Israel had not officially claimed responsibility for the strike on Isfahan.
"We responded with a message which was received by Iran and the world which observed that Israel is no sucker," Regev said. She was the first Israeli official to end Israel's ambiguity over the strike on an Iranian airbase in April.
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לפני ואחרי התקיפה בבסיס האיראני באספהאן
לפני ואחרי התקיפה בבסיס האיראני באספהאן
Satellite images of Isfahan airbase, Miri Regev
(Photo: Yuval Chen)
"We succeeded in intercepting the launches from Iran and the story would still be told about what would have happened if one of them would have landed in Israel," Regev said in an interview to the right-wing news outlet Channel 14.
When confronted with the claim that the government agreed to a mild response to Iran's first ever direct attack on Israel the minister said a response was made and the message was delivered. "Now we must act responsibly and see how ultimately we manage all fronts, while Gaza, the return of the hostages and eliminating Hamas, are the main battles," she said. Iran and the world understand that Israel is no sucker."
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מעל ירושלים
מעל ירושלים
Iranian missiles intercepted over Jerusalem last month
(Photo: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters)
After the strike on Isfahan, Iran said it would not act in response to the attack attributed to Israel although it was willing to do so. The regime in Tehran downplayed the damage to the airbase, likely in order to evade further escalation and a regional war.
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