Iranian girls trained to seduce Israeli soldiers online exposed

Opposition website Iran International uncovers how attractive Iranian girls contracted and trained by Tehran to gather intelligence from Israeli soldiers which is then relayed to Hamas

Iran International has released the identities and photographs of young Iranian women, claiming they are operatives for the Revolutionary Guards who attempted to gather intelligence on IDF soldiers. The London-based opposition media outlet is known for its previous disclosures about the organization's activities, allegedly overseen by the Revolutionary Guards under Hossein Salami.
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The outlet criticized the Revolutionary Guards for its hypocrisy. "While they execute young women for perceived immodesty, they simultaneously exploit Iranian women to entice men on social networks," the news outlet said.
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אירן אינטרנשיונול חושפת שמותיהן של בחורות אשר עובדות עם משמרות המהפכה וחושפות מידע מודיעיני על צה"ל
אירן אינטרנשיונול חושפת שמותיהן של בחורות אשר עובדות עם משמרות המהפכה וחושפות מידע מודיעיני על צה"ל
Iran International uncovers the names of girls trained by the regime to seduce Israeli soldiers for info
It was previously uncovered that women were being used on social networks to lure IDF soldiers and relay information to Hamas during wartime. The opposition site now attributes this scheme to the Revolutionary Guards.
The report by Iran International specifies that the women, who are fluent in Hebrew, were recruited by the Revolutionary Guards to seduce those deemed enemies of the revolution, including IDF soldiers. These operations are said to be based out of Mashhad, Iran.
The women reportedly created at least 22 fake online personas. Although the profiles were fabricated, the images used were genuine photos of the operatives, depicting them in wigs, sensual makeup and revealing attire, essentially acting as seductresses.
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ניסיונות פישינג של חיילי צה''ל בידי סוכנים זרים ברשתות החברתיות
ניסיונות פישינג של חיילי צה''ל בידי סוכנים זרים ברשתות החברתיות
A Hebrew correspondence showing a soldier telling a girl where he is and she compliments him for his beret
(Photo: GPO)
One of the women involved in the Hamas operation was identified as Samira Tarshizi, who used the alias "Olga Or." Another operative, Hania Rafaarian, was also named. These women are said to have engaged in romantic and sexual interactions with their targets, including conversations, written correspondence, and audio and video communications. The intelligence gathered was then directly transferred to Hamas.
A source from the Revolutionary Guards who spoke with Iran International harshly condemned the operation, accusing the leadership of turning Iranian women into "prostitutes for Hamas." The article highlights the regime's contradictory stance: violently suppressing hijab protests and killing innocent girls for immodesty on one hand, while on the other, coercing Iranian women into prostitution to further the regime's agenda. This, the report claims, is for a war that does not serve the interests of the Iranian people, who pay the price with their finances, the exploitation of their women and their overall security.
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