Calls to attend lone soldier's funeral spreading like wildfire

Israeli public previously showed up for the funerals of lone soldiers, to express respect and support for families. Sergeant Maxim Mulchanov murdered in a terror attack last week, is to be buried on Tuesday

Sergeant Maxim Mulchanov, a lone soldier who was murdered in a terror attack last week, will be buried in Tel Aviv's military cemetery on Tuesday. calls are being made on social networks, urging people to show up and attend his final journey.
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His parents will be arriving from Ukraine, joined by other family members and friends but the public is urged to attend in posts including from retired Colonel Kobi Marom, who shared a message with his "comrades in arms and superiors".
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מקסים מולצ'נוב החייל שנהרג בפיגוע במחסום מכבים
מקסים מולצ'נוב החייל שנהרג בפיגוע במחסום מכבים
Maxim Mulchanov
He wrote, "Tomorrow, we will say our goodbyes to IDF soldier Maxim Mulchanov. The journey of his life stands as an inspiration and a beacon for all of us, exemplifying selflessness, volunteering and social unity - and highlighting the IDF's role as our collective shield. It's a spirit that's notably missing in these times. I urge you all to join in paying respects to Maxim on his final journey and to salute his life and his journey - I will be there".
This post, much like others, has been widely shared, garnering dozens of reposts. The local government of Herzliya, the city where Maxim resided and where his family will settle, also put out a post detailing the funeral arrangements along with a call: "Let's come together to pay our final respects, alongside a few of his family members who will be arriving in the country." Calls to attend the funeral have been circulated across various groups, some of which have hundreds of thousands of members.
Plans were underway by both serving and former lone soldiers to be present at Maxim's funeral as a symbol of unity with him. Some were volunteers at the "Big Brother for Lone Soldiers" organization and had known and supported Maxim prior to his military service. They remained by his side throughout his recruitment process, basic training, and his tenure as a combatant.
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מקסים מולצ'נוב ויגור לויטס
מקסים מולצ'נוב ויגור לויטס
Mulchanov in happier times
Yigor Levits (28), a former lone soldier who mentored Maxim personally, is one of them. "In my life, I've encountered few people who were as authentic and true to themselves and their environment as he was," Levits said. "We sat together before his enlistment, considering which military units might be a good fit and what his interests were.
But one principle was clear - 'I'll go and serve wherever the army thinks it needs me'. I learned humility and hard work from him. Every weekend when he left the base, he would work to save money, to plan, and to build his future in Israel. Whether at work, in the army, or any area he dedicated himself to, he saw success and embraced it with extraordinary humility. His character and persona will continue to inspire all who knew him."
It's important to mention that this isn't the first instance of such an outpouring of support for the funerals of lone soldiers. In the past, online calls have been made for people to attend and be with them on their final journey, so that they "won't be left alone".
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