Drone from Lebanon aimed at Israel carried prayer in Arabic, name of imam on its wings

The unmanned aerial vehicle flew under the radar and crashed near Moshav Margaliot in the upper Galilee on a day of increased Hezbollah attacks on northern border; Words of praise of Allah and prayers were written on its wings
An unmanned aerial vehicle sent from Lebanon that crashed in Israel carried words of praise of Allah and prayers, as well as the name of Shiite imam on its wings.
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The drone landed at noon on Tuesday near Moshav Margaliot in the Upper Galilee. There were no casualties, and a citizen who noticed the UAV called the IDF forces who arrived on the scene. The incursion did not trigger an alert siren.
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כלי טיס שחדר מלבנון נפל ליד מרגליות
כלי טיס שחדר מלבנון נפל ליד מרגליות
The unmanned aircraft that infiltrated from Lebanon fell near Moshav Margaliot
It is not clear if the UAV was carrying explosives or if it was intended to explode.
The drone entered Israel on the same day that Hezbollah took responsibility for four cross-border shooting incidents at IDF border posts. On Tuesay night the Lebanese terrorist organization announced that it was responsible for 10 "operations" over the last day. In response, Israel attacked Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.
"Hezbollah proves every morning anew that its attempts to harm the residents of Margaliot do not stop. The organization's terrorists are firing missiles, drones and more," said the chairman of Moshav Margaliot, Eitan Davidi. "Defense Minister Gallant must understand that there needs to be significant action on the northern border to keep this scourge at bay. No diplomatic solution is realistic, nor is it something that we can live with. Miraculously, there were no casualties in this incident r. We live here from miracle to miracle and we must not count on miracles."
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כלי טיס שחדר מלבנון נפל ליד מרגליות
כלי טיס שחדר מלבנון נפל ליד מרגליות
Prayer written on the wing of the UAV sent from Lebanon to Israel
The Prime Minister's spokesman in Arabic, Ofir Gendelman, addressed the repeated incidents at the border. "Hezbollah violated the cease-fire, during which the residents of the villages in southern Lebanon returned to their homes and hoped to return to their lives. Hezbollah does not consider their wishes and fires into Israeli territory," he said.
"In response to the aggression of the Iranian militia Hezbollah, Israel attacked sites that belong to it. It is the first and only enemy of the Lebanese and of Lebanon," Gendelman said.
"We hear voices in Lebanon who are not afraid to criticize Hezbollah, and the voices of the Lebanese people who do not want war. We hear the Lebanese say, without fear: 'We want to return to our villages, to our lives, we don't want to lose our loved ones.' I tell them, you are right, but Hezbollah ignores your demands and your interests, and continues its actions. We are prepared to deal with any escalation," he said.
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