Cover of British newspaper features faces of children kidnapped to Gaza

The Sun tabloid dedicated its front page to the 32 children held hostage in Gaza: 'This is why Israel must fight evil of Hamas. Bring them home'

The British tabloid The Sun dedicated it's front page on Thursday the names and pictures of 32 children who were kidnapped to the Gaza Strip. "Faces of Gaza War Hostages: 32 innocent children snatched by terrorists. This is why Israel must fight evil of Hamas," the cover reads. "Bring Them Home."
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The British newspaper spoke to the families of the kidnapped children - including the mother of 15-year-old Dafna Eyakimand her 8-year-old sister Ella. Their mother, Maayan, told the newspaper about photos she saw posted by the terrorists in Gaza in which she saw her daughters wearing pajamas. The girls were abducted to Gaza from their father's home in Nahal Oz and that they witnessed the murder of their father, Noam, his partner Dikla and her daughter Tomer.
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שער ה"סאן" הבריטי, 2.11.23
שער ה"סאן" הבריטי, 2.11.23
The cover of the British tabloid "The Sun" on November 2 features the photos of the children kidnapped into Gaza
On Saturday, October 7, terrorists broke into their home and filmed all of the family members sitting scared in the corner of the house, with father Noam seen bleeding and the daughters crying. The terrorists posted the family live on Facebook and uploaded videos to social networks. Later, a photo of Noam was posted taken outside the house in the kibbutz; a short time later he was murdered.
" “Who kidnaps children? Where in the world is that the right thing to do? Hamas should have released them all on day one. The kids have not done anything to anyone," Maayan told The Sun.
"They are not soldiers, they are not related to any conflict. You do not abduct babies and children. My two are wonderful, sweet girls who love TikTok and Snapchat and I want them home," she said.
The British newspaper described that on the cover appear, among others, 3-year-old Yuly Konio, who was kidnapped together with her twin sister Emma, and her parents Sharon and David. Her aunt Danielle Aloni, who appeared in the psychological terror video released by Hamas in recent days ,was also kidnapped to Gaza along with her 6-year-old daughter. Also pictured is 8-year-old Nave Shoham, who was kidnapped with his mother Adi, his father Tal and his brother Yahel.
The youngest in the picture, according to the Sun is the 9-month-old baby Kfir Bibas, who had just started crawling. The oldest children are five 17-year-olds. The British newspaper spoke with the sister of Shiri Bibas - who was kidnapped with her baby Kfir and her four-year-old son, Ariel.
“Ariel loves tractors and motorbikes, always running off and wanting to climb," said Ofri Bibabs-Levi.
"Kfir is always smiling and laughing and wants to hug you all the time. He’d just started crawling. It is inconceivable anyone would take a baby as hostage,” she said.
At the same time, leading print media in Germany published articles this week that report on the fear of Jews in the country following acts of antisemitism against the backdrop of Israel's war with Gaza.
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צילום מסך מתוך אתר דר שפיגל
צילום מסך מתוך אתר דר שפיגל
Cover of the Der Spiegel magazine features photos of Jewish Germans and reads 'We are afraid'
On the cover of the weekly magazine Stern appeared a picture of several German Jews with the statement: "Never again is now." The weekly's editor-in-chief Peter Schmitz wrote: " Jews in Germany should be afraid, but you can't print that often."
A similar cover with a picture of Jewish Germans appeared on the magazine of the Der Spiegel newspaper, with the caption: "We are afraid."
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