Peace can't be negotiated because Jews were murdered for who they are

Opinion: This is not only a war between Israel and Gaza, the true culprit behind it is the Islamic ideology that has been inculcated in generations of Arab children dehumanizing the Jews and accusing Israel of all their problems

Deborah Srour-Politis|
Last Saturday Israel suffered its worst attack since the Yom Kippur War. Last Saturday, the Jewish people suffered the worst pogrom since the Second World War.
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A real pogrom. The likes we have seen only perpetrated by the nazis and the mobs in the Middle Ages that salivated for Jewish blood which they blamed for all their sorrows.
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קיבוץ בארי
קיבוץ בארי
A kindergarten in kibbutz Be'eri
(Photo: Gadi Kabalo)
Entire families were shot in their beds, Girls and women were raped and then killed, hundreds were taken hostage, including babies, women, and the elderly, and as just released, dozens of babies were decapitated in their nurseries.
The unparalleled barbarity shocked the world, at least for now. Not even Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State descended so low. But according to their side, this is all Israel`s fault, because of the “occupation”.
What occupation?
Fact: since the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem there has been a continuous Jewish presence in the land of Israel, especially in Jerusalem, Hebron, and Tiberias.
Fact: There was no occupation at the time of the pogrom of 1929 in Hebron. There was also no occupation at the time Yasser Arafat created the PLO in 1964.
Fact: The 1964 constitution of the PLO explicitly excludes the Gaza Strip and the West Bank from their claim stating that it recognized the sovereignty of Egypt and Jordan to these areas which they retained for only 19 years.
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קיבוץ בארי
קיבוץ בארי
(Photo: Amir Levy/Getty Images)
Fact: Israel has a stronger legal claim to the land than anyone in the world.
Fact: Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005 under the promise that the Arabs would transform the Strip into the next Riviera of the Middle East. To that end, they even built an airport, and the traffic between Gaza and Israel was open.
Fact: In 2006 Hamas made several incursions into Israel and in June it abducted the soldier Gilad Shalit. In the same year, the people of Gaza elected Hamas to govern them. In 2007 Israel and Egypt imposed a blockage to the Strip.
Fact: Billions of dollars in cash and goods were transferred to Hamas over the years.
Fact: Hamas spent the cash building rockets, and tunnels and eliminating members of the Fatah and other opposition. Not one power station was built. Not one water treatment plant was built, and the sewage system was neglected. Hamas never wanted to build a country. They always had only one purpose: the destruction of the State of Israel.
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הדלקת 1300 נרות נשמה בדיזנגוף, לזכר הנופלים
הדלקת 1300 נרות נשמה בדיזנגוף, לזכר הנופלים
1,300 candles were lit in Tel Aviv in memory of the murdered
(Photo: Reuters/Janis Laizans)
What country in its sound mind feeds and supports its enemy so it ultimately achieves its goal of destruction? In the name of what morality or human rights does Israel continue to feed the beast?
Because it is a beast. Israel provided everything to help Gaza in the hopes that Hamas would not spit on the plate it was eating from. But this is the Middle East. And this was a great mistake. In the Arab world, this is a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, the Arabs understand something that the progressive West refuses to accept: that in war there must be a winner and there must be a loser who capitulates and submits itself.
This is not only a war between Israel and Gaza, or Israel and the Palestinians. The true culprit behind the conflict is the Islamic ideology that has been inculcated in generations of Arab children dehumanizing the Jews and accusing Israel of all their problems.
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הטבח הקטלני בשדרות ב-7.10.23 היום הראשון למלחמת חרבות ברזל
הטבח הקטלני בשדרות ב-7.10.23 היום הראשון למלחמת חרבות ברזל
Israeli elderly murdered in Sderot on the first day of the war 07.10.23
Over 1300 Jews killed on Saturday were not killed for what they had done, but for who they were.
There is no peace to be negotiated with these people. Who could think that Bin Laden would sit and negotiate with the U.S.? Does anyone seriously think that it was possible to convince Hitler that extermination camps were inhumane?
Israel cannot have such fundamentalism in its borders. This time Israel cannot accept a tie. Israel must win and destroy Hamas, its tunnels, its capabilities, and its members. To this end, Israel must stop behaving like the most moral army in the world to be the most lethal army in the world.
Only victory will give Israel peace. Only by destroying Hamas Israel will stop burying its children.
  • Attorney Deborah Srour-Politis is an American and Brazilian journalist, runs for the Jerusalem City Council on the 'Me'uchadim' list
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