Gal Gadot 'proud' to be Jewish amid Kanye West antisemitism scandal

Israeli actress shares a photo wearing a Star of David necklace, which she captioned with the word 'proud'; other celebrities join in to show solidarity in wake of rapper's antisemitic comments

Israeli actress Gal Gadot has joined in the outpouring of support for Jews from many celebrities on social media after the controversy sparked by Kanye West's antisemitic remarks.
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  • A banner in support of the rapper’s controversial comments was hung above a Los Angeles freeway on Saturday. It read "Kanye was right about the Jews."
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    גל גדות
    גל גדות
    Gal Gadot
    (Photo: Getty Images)
    In response Gadot, Israeli actress who became a star in the U.S. after playing “Wonder Woman,” posted a selfie wearing a Star of David captioned with the word "proud” in her Instagram and Twitter accounts.
    The recent antisemitic outbursts of rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, have sparked backlash in the United States, from both Jewish and non-Jewish celebrities.
    Gadot’s post came shortly after the unexpected expression of support from the American-Palestinian sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, who previously didn’t miss an opportunity to criticize Israel.
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    ג'יג'י חדיד
    ג'יג'י חדיד
    Gigi Hadid
    (Photos: Getty images)
    “I support my Jewish friends and the Jewish people,” Gigi Hadid posted on Instagram on Sunday.
    In addition to the Hadid sisters, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, ex-wife of Kanye West, Amy Schumer, David Schwimmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Legend, Hailey Bieber and many others criticized the rapper, showing their support for the Jewish community.
    Earlier on Tuesday, German sportswear giant Adidas ended its partnership with Ye over his "hateful" comments about Jews. Other major fashion brands like Gap and Balenciaga also stopped their collaborations with the rapper.

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