Don't believe us, believe Hamas' charter which aims for the complete destruction of Israel

Opinion: To understand Hamas' end goal, which doesn't include any two-state solution, but ends with the Jewish people's annihilation, one needs to read the charter of the terror group, and stop believing everything you see on social media as the truth

How many non-Nazi Germans read Mein Kampf before 1933? How many foreign statesmen read Mein Kampf before the war and believed it? Had more people bothered to take the book seriously, the world might have been saved from catastrophe! But, yeh I understand… 782 pages… in German… it's a bit much to ask!
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How about the Hamas Covenant from 1988? Or its revised reader-friendly charter from 2017? (In which they changed the word 'Jews' to 'Zionists' and the phrase 'Jihad war' to the slogan 'free Palestine', for obvious political reasons.)
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סיור עצוב בניר עוז, אחד מכל ארבעה חברים נרצח, נחטף או נעדר
סיור עצוב בניר עוז, אחד מכל ארבעה חברים נרצח, נחטף או נעדר
Nir Oz after the Hamas massacre
(Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)
So I ask you- Jews, Israelis, and Western Pro-Palestine "freedom fighters"… have any of you read the Hamas Charter? It's not too much to ask. It contains 36 very short articles, with 42 statements of general principles and objectives, and it spells out clearly Hamas’s genocidal intentions.
What happened in Israel on Shabbat October 7 is completely in alignment with Hamas’s aims.
The murder of innocent civilians in their sleep, torture and kidnapping of men, women, children, babies and elderly, barbaric systematic rapes in front of husbands and children, inserting sharp objects into women's genitals and removing their intestines, beheading babies, gouging out men's eyes, burning people alive, tearing out a fetus from his mother's womb while they were still alive, and then murdering them… cutting off a soldier's penis and inserting it into the skull of a female soldier whose head had been decapitated, then burning him alive.
And in the background of the massacre, a soundtrack of jubilation, joy, tremendous laughter, and bloodlust cries of victory.
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החטופים הישראלים
החטופים הישראלים
Israeli elderly hostage released by Hamas terrorists
(Photo: Hamas Military Wing/Handout via Reuters)
These are not a by-product of "freedom-fighting". These are all part of Hamas' strategy. It's there in the charter –and we heard it explicitly from captured terrorists; it's not enough to kill us – they seek to kill our spirit, to filth our souls…
I still don’t trust you to read the charter – as you haven't bothered to do so until now…

So here's a summary of the four main themes:

1. The complete destruction of Israel as an essential condition for the liberation of Palestine and the establishment of a theocratic state based on Islamic law (Sharia),
I know there are many peace-loving Muslims. I'd even go as far as to say 80% of the Muslims in the world are peace lovers… But that still leaves us with 20% of Radical Islamists, which is between 350-360 Million people.
We Jews are only 16.1 million, which is less than we were before the Holocaust.
2. The need for both unrestrained and unceasing holy war (jihad) to attain this Jihad state, or Waqf, as they call it.
3. The deliberate disdain for, and dismissal of, any negotiated resolution or political settlement of Jewish and Muslim claims to the Holy Land. In their own words, it's "a waste of time and vain endeavors"
Two States for two Nations? Not with Hamas. They woke us up brutally with guns and axes on October 7, and we couldn't fall asleep on guard again.
4. (Surprising, this one) The reinforcement and revival of historical antisemitic tropes and blood libels- this is a global mission!
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הנזק לבתים בקיבות בארי
הנזק לבתים בקיבות בארי
The massacre in Kibbutz Be'eri
(Photo: Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)
So you see, they're permitted to lie because "the end justifies the means". So if lying that Israel bombed a hospital when it is clear that it was their own backfire enhances worldwide antisemitism it's no sin! It's a blessed deed that brings them one step closer to their intended, written, and declared genocide of all the Jewish people!!
Ok- that's them. But what about you? Who are you?
How come Hamas and the Radical Islam of which they are part, are calling for a genocide of the Jewish people – but you educated intellectuals, enlightened people of the Western World are blaming us for genocide! How did this happen?
Is it just because you can't be bothered to read an article? To read the charter? Who gave you your Academic degrees?!
Believe them! And don't tell me you didn't read it because don’t know Arabic !!
Mein Kampf was translated to English, cleverly and cunningly, only in March 1939. But there are excellent English translations of the original Hamas Covenant and the revised charter – that can easily be found online!
So stop, stop getting your history, geography, and Politics lessons from TikTok and Instagram! Put down your colorful flag, for just a few minutes, and justify your education by reading the charter!
הדר גלרון ויצחק טסלר באולפן ynet radioHadar Galron
And do it now, not after the war! We don't need any more Holocaust museums and fancy Jewish cemeteries. In fact, if you can't see Hamas for what they are, and believe them! – then you can begin by closing all your existing holocaust museums right now – because you haven’t learned a bloody thing.
Oh, and if you think that the plight of the jihad ends with the Jewish people and the Jewish land - you are so wrong and so pathetic!
In Israel today, we are fighting not only for our right to live, for our future, and for the future of our children… We're fighting for your children too! And even for Palestinian children, whose lives under the Hamas regime have no more meaning than Israel is a democratic state that gives equal rights to its civilians- Jews and Arabs alike. In Israel, we can fight for LGBT rights, women's rights, for little girls' rights over their own bodies. We are a nation fighting for freedom.
Don’t be afraid to stand with us in the light.
  • Hadar Galron is an award-winning international screenwriter, playwright, actress, comedienne, stage director and songwriter. Hadar writes and performs in English and Hebrew, and is also a professional lecturer and compere, translator and teacher of dramatic writing at Bar-Ilan University and Seminar Hakibutzim College.
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