Pro-Palestinian rally takes over New York Times' lobby, over 100 arrested

Pro-Palestinian protesters storm the New York Times lobby while accusing the paper of supporting 'genocide'; New York Police Department arrested over 100 of the activists, who are expected to be charged with disorderly conduct

The New York Police Department arrested over 100 pro-Palestinian protesters who seized control of The New York Times lobby in protest of the newspaper's support of "genocide." They also raised signs with a picture of the Israeli journalist from the newspaper who participated in the investigation into Hamas' sexual assaults, Anat Schwartz.
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The newspaper reportedly investigated Anat Schwartz after she liked a series of pro-Israel posts on social networks, including one that called for the transformation of Gaza "into a slaughterhouse" if the hostages held by Hamas are harmed. The protesters held signs that read: "Stop the presses. Free Palestine" and "Consent for genocide is manufactured here."
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מפגינים פרו-פלסטיניים בלובי מערכת "ניו יורק טיימס"
מפגינים פרו-פלסטיניים בלובי מערכת "ניו יורק טיימס"
Pro-Palestinian protesters storm NYT building
(Photo: Olga Fe Desk)
The New York Times responded in a statement: "The Israel-Hamas war is a complex and challenging story, and we receive criticism from each side. We are open to good-faith disagreement but firmly reject any assertion that our coverage displays bias. We support the rights for groups and individuals to express their point of view, even when we disagree with it as it relates to our coverage, but will not let critics or advocacy campaigns sway us from independent reporting."
Many of the protesters laid down in a chain, connected by tubes. They also created a pile of rubble with office equipment to further block access, which stopped dozens of trucks from picking up newspapers. Police managed to clear the protesters after about two hours.
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