Israel expands scope of fight against Hezbollah, Iran

Analysis: Iranian efforts to rush military supplies to Hezbollah ahead of an all-out war in the north, sees Israeli response in expanded attacks on Hezbollah and according to foreign reports, on supply routs in Syria

Yossi Yehushua |

Israel had decided to expand its military responses to Hezbollah aggression on the Northern front after Iran was seen to expedite weapons delivery to the Lebanese terror group ahead of a possible full-blown war with Israel.
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Attacks attributed to the IDF, targeted the Syria-Iraq border area at Al-Bukamal, a supply rout for weapons transported from Iran, resulting in some 19 non-Syrians killed.
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תיעוד: תקיפות באל-בוכמאל שבגבול סוריה-עיראק
תיעוד: תקיפות באל-בוכמאל שבגבול סוריה-עיראק
Strike attributed to Israel at Al-Bukamal, Syria
Hezbollah said four of its members were killed but did not say where and when, although pro-Iranian militias in the area confirmed four of the fatalities were from Hezbollah. The border crossing at Al-Bukamal had been attacked by Israel before although the IDF avoided targeting Hezbollah operatives there.
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 ארבעה הורגים של ארגון הטרור חיזבאללה
 ארבעה הורגים של ארגון הטרור חיזבאללה
Hezbollah operatives reported killed in a strike on the Al-Bukamal Syria-Iraq border area
They Syrian Defense Ministry accused Israel of conducting strikes on Aleppo as well. In a statement the ministry said the attack came from the sea, west of the port city of Latakia. Warehouses storing Iranian armaments destined for Lebanon, had been hit.
Israeli officials say that even if Iran is not directly involved in the fighting it cannot be relieved of the responsibility for the uptick in violence. Some of the increased IDF operations in Lebanon are not only a response to Hezbollah fire but an effort to destroy some of its infrastructure that poses a direct threat to communities in the north and to move the terror group away from the frontier.
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