Did Netanyahu have connections to Jeffrey Epstein?

Leaked emails from investigation into billionaire Jeffrey Epstein reveal that he may have held a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and facilitated his connection to JPMorgan bosses, US news outlet claims
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have had a direct or indirect connection to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his jail cell four years ago, the U.S.-based Daily Beast is reporting.
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The article describes Epstein's close relationships with Jes Staley, the former CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Based on leaked emails, Epstein advised Staley, who served as CEO of the largest American bank, on connections with prominent figures in the UK, China and the Middle East, even while Epstein was imprisoned in Florida on charges related to sex trafficking.
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ראש הממשלה נתניהו בישיבת הממשלה
ראש הממשלה נתניהו בישיבת הממשלה
Jeffrey Epstein, Benjamin Netanyahu - did they ever meet?
(Photo: AP, Amit Shabi)
The documents included in the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Virgin Islands against JPMorgan Chase revealed that Epstein connected Staley with several high-ranking individuals, including the UK’s Prince Andrew. Epstein even invited Staley to meetings in Davos, including one with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
"Epstein may have facilitated a get-together with JPMorgan bosses and Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, too,” according to the Daily Beast.
In March 2011, a bank employee sent a message to Staley and other senior executives stating: “Against all odds, we have been granted a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu.” Staley forwarded the message to Epstein, to which Epstein responded, "Surprise, surprise," the Daily Beast reported.
These exchanges were discovered as part of an internal investigation conducted by JPMorgan Chase regarding Epstein's connections with Staley and other senior employees.
The JPMorgan report stated that Staley "appears to have a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, regularly communicating with him and seeking advice from him including while Epstein is incarcerated. Other employees also communicated with Epstein intermittently on a variety of matters.”
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ג'פרי אפשטיין
ג'פרי אפשטיין
Jeffrey Epstein facilitated the former CEO of JPMorgan Chase's connections with prominent figures in the UK, China and the Middle East
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The documents also expose the dark side of the relationship between the twomen. In August 2009, Staley wrote to Epstein while in London, and Epstein asked if he’d need anything while he was there. Staley replied “Yep.”
On the same day, according to the documents, $3,000 were sent from one of Epstein's accounts at JPMorgan Chase to a woman who “appears to be associated with a ballet company in Lithuania called Baltic Ballet.” That same woman had received $2,000 from Epstein in January 2009, around the same time Staley met her at the Palm Beach.
In January 2010, while Epstein was under house arrest in Florida, Staley wrote to him: “Fun tonight. What do we do next?????” Epstein replied shortly after that his driver would pick him up from the Virgin Islands.
“Helicopter also available for a tour around, remember I own the two big marinas yacht haven grand, in st thomas and the marina at red hook you can use my atv’s jet ski ,gym etc.” he wrote. Later, Staley wrote to Epstein, “Arrived at your harbor. Someday, we have to do this together.”
As part of the lawsuit, JPMorgan Chase alleged that the Virgin Islands provided Epstein with over $300 million in tax benefits and waived the requirements for monitoring his sex offender status, in exchange for money and gifts he sent to senior officials in the Virgin Islands.
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אהוד ברק
אהוד ברק
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak visited Epstein dozens of times at his residences in Florida and New York
(Photo: Motti Kimchi)
The largest American bank described in documents it delivered to court how Epstein allegedly paid off law enforcement officials in the Virgin Islands, and was also in contact with the country's First Lady. According to the bank, she and other U.S. senior officials knew about Epstein's crimes.
At the beginning of May, reports surfaced that former Prime Minister Ehud Barak visited Epstein dozens of times at his residences in Florida and New York.
Barak acknowledged that he occasionally visited Epstein when traveling to the United States, and after the pedophile billionaire's suicide in jail, he stated, "I wish we wouldn’t have met." Barak insisted that he had never participated in any party or activity with Epstein involving women.
On August 10, 2019, Epstein committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell. His arrest stirred up the U.S., and several investigations were launched to examine the authorities' handling of his case, which spanned over a decade and involved mainly sexual allegations.
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