Israeli model claims Jeffrey Epstein brought her to meet Clinton

Daily Mail reports that Shelly Gafni had traveled with the late sex offender to the White House decades before his crimes came to light; 'I did not realize it was Jeffrey Epstein until Daily Mail's reporter called me'

Yoni Froim|Updated:
A famous Israeli model was one of the eight women who accompanied convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to the White House to meet then-President Bill Clinton, the UK-based Daily Mail reported Sunday.
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  • The newspaper claimed that Shelly Gafni, who was 22 at the time, had traveled to the Washington on 1993 with Epstein and a host of other women, at least four of whom were reportedly his partners.
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    שלי גפני
    שלי גפני
    Shelly Gafni
    (Photo: Yair Meiri)
    "I did not realize it was Jeffrey Epstein until the Daily Mail's reporter called me. At first I did not understand what he was talking about and how I was related to it at all," said Gafni,
    "I visited Washington with my then partner, we traveled with a nice Jewish guy who was very enthusiastic about me being a successful Israeli model and took us on his plane for a tour of Washington, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the White House."
    Despite the Mail's report, Gafni said she did not, in fact, meet with Clinton, who is a well known acquittance of Epstein, and that her brief connection with the disgraced financier faded almost as quickly as it began.
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    ג'פרי אפשטיין
    ג'פרי אפשטיין
    Convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein
    (Photo: AP)
    "It was almost 30 years ago, I don't really remember any of the details... I was 22 and met countless new people in the modeling industry," Gafni said, adding that she failed to make the connection between the guy with which she traveled around Washington and the infamous Epstein who was revealed to be a ruthless child sex trafficker before his apparent suicide in 2018.
    "When the reporter called and asked me if I was with Jeffrey Epstein in the White House I was shocked that this guy is the notorious Epstein. I did not make the connection between the nice Jewish guy I met a few times 30 years ago and the monster that has been exposed in recent years," said Gafni.
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    Ghislaine Maxwell
    Ghislaine Maxwell
    Epstein's former partner and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Unreleased documents confirm that the convicted pedophile visited Clinton's private home at least 17 times during his first term between 1993-1995, sometimes with prolific women.
    The Daily Mail's list include Gafni, Norwegian cosmetics heiress Selena Middelpert, actress Eva Anderson, and Epstein's former partner and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell.

    First published: 16:38, 01.16.22
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